Monday, July 13, 2009

SHOW and TELL Monday - Team Wist 'A's"

I didn't have an idea for this weeks Show and Tell Feature so I'm going to start by featuring the team wist shops that start with the letter A. Weeks that I have no other idea will continue on this alphabetical shop feature...eventually everyone will have a turn!

We have three shops to look at today! We'll start with AntiqueBasketLady.
Park Slope...Snap Coin Purse Small in Fushsia
AntiqueBasketLady specializes in handmade handbags, totes, diaper bags, children's bags and accessories.

Next up: ApolloHillsCrafts
Sunshine Jungle Wall Hanging on Sale

ApolloHillsCrafts makes all her items at her 100 year old working dairy farm house you can see if you look at her banner. She sells quilted items, including purses and bags.
I learned even more about ApolloHillsCrafts when I read her bio:
Welcome to Apollo Hills Crafts!!
My name is Judi and I have been making and selling quilts and quilted items for 20+ years. Apollo Hills Crafts was started about 1985 and is located in West Central Wisconsin. I have sold items at craft shows, quilt shops and consignment shops in the local area for many years. I make full size quilts(special orders only), wall quilts and panels, Christmas tree skirts, table mats and table runners and tote bags and purses. These items all done in a sunny room in our 100+ year old farm house. Yes, we also own and operate a working dairy farm.
My favorite style of quilting patterns is applique using Batik fabrics. However, I do many pieced patterns also, using my favorite Quilt Shop Batiks and fabrics. I do use only top quality Quilt Shop Fabrics in my designs. There is a difference in fabric quality and the discount store fabrics do not make the grade for me. My items take many, many hours to get to the finishing point and so I feel the best option is to use the best materials available. I mow and tend to our large farmstead yard from mid April to November each summer and it cuts into the quilting time drastically! Over the years, perennial beds have sprung up too and more time spent in these in the summer months.
And our final shop for the day: AThousandDreams

Summer of the New Moon Free Form Peyote Stitch Bracelet

AThousandDreams makes beautiful jewelry ranging from Pendants to Bracelets to Earrings to Rings to More! She makes some really unique items and you should definately check out her shop!

Here's some more information I learned by checking out her bio:

A writer and artist, Mimi teaches reading to pay the big bills - and sells her art to be able to keep buying art supplies! Although Mimi has experimented with various art forms over the years, she returns to beading in it's various forms again and again. Silver, crystals, gemstones, pearls and seed beads are favorites. Certified as an artisan in PMC (precious metals clay), Mimi is now combining fine silver, bronze and copper into her jewelry. Mimi teachers classes locally and gives away a lot of her work to friends and family.

Tune in again next Monday to see what I have to show off then!

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Cat said...

What a great idea! I love learning the background about different sellars on Etsy (how they got started, why they do make what they make, what lights their passion). Thanks for sharing!