Monday, July 20, 2009

Show and Tell Monday - Team Wist 'B's

Today's 'Show and Tell' is going to Feature the shops that start with the letter 'B'. I almost forgot to do it but then just remembered that it was Monday!

Here goes:
Our first feature is the shop bohtique. Rooster Address Label or Gift Tag

Here's what bohtique's profile says about her:

I'm a teacher. I'm a designer. I'm a mom.

Everyone thinks I'm just a little bit crazy, but I'd like to believe my life is being touched by those who came before me--the women who did a little bit of everything to keep the family afloat. They took care of a house that had no real modern conveniences, a garden that fed the family all winter and children that brought the joy into life. And, on top of that, they took in sewing, sold eggs and performed myriad other miracles that kept the family moving along.

That's what I'm doing--except that I'm not a great sewer and I hate eggs, so instead, I design. And I love it.

Next up: berylblue!

Chocolate Tears Earrings - Sustainable and Fair Trade

Here's what I learned about berylblue from her profile:

My shop name comes from my favorite color, blue, and my interest in reading science fiction/fantasy. Beryls are often called elfstones. A beryl is used in the Lord of the Rings trilogy to indicate a route of safe passage.

I started out making wine charms to include in gifts for friends. Since earrings are so similar, I branched out. Once I made some earrings, I had to make necklaces to match. Then on to bracelets, etc., etc. One year later, here I am on Etsy!

Last up today is basketmamma!

And here's what her bio had to say about her:
My basket making journey began about 15 years ago with a book called "Splint Woven Basketry" by Robin Daugherty. Determined to make my first basket, I assembled my supplies and carefully followed the directions in the book. My tools were very primitive compared to what I use now, and my first basket was an 'Appalachian Egg Basket'. Years later when I was telling someone how I started out in basket making, they said, "Oh, you started out with one of the hard ones!"
Some of my first baskets were payments to my egg lady for farm fresh eggs. It couldn't have been a better arrangement. I had food for my growing family and she had gifts to give to people. The Lord added several babies to our family, my supplies were sent up to the attic for a time, and my hobby was replaced by the every day business of a 10 person household.
Now and then I'd take an all day basketry workshop, but I didn't take the time to weave on a regular basis. One day, while cleaning the attic, I decided to bring the basketry supplies down and return to weaving. This is how I decided upon the name "Attic Treasures".
Today, I weave on a regular basis and attend guild meetings and workshops to learn new skills. My goal is grow in the knowledge and skill of basketry and to weave quality baskets for my customers to use and enjoy.

Tune in again next week to see what I have to 'show and tell'!

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