Monday, August 3, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – Team Wist ‘D’s’ & ‘E’

There are three team wist etsy shops that begin with a D.  Today you’re going to learn about DakorahDesigns, DekoraPrints, and DekoraWoodsCreations.  And as an added bonus we’re going right on to E as well to visit eleganceforyou.

DakorahDesigns, DekoraPrints and DekoraWoodsCreations are all run by the same people – Anja and Dan! 

Here’s what I learned from there profile:

Dan and I are collectors of vintage bake ware and kitchen items. He enjoys making hand crafted jewelry during the cold winter months here in Wisconsin. I enjoy finding ways to be creative with the treasures we find, like creating one of a kind cake and cupcake stands from found items. I am always looking for more ways to recycle/reuse old items.

il_430xN_70814950 Sweet White Lace Handmade Cake Pedestal

DakorahDesigns specializes in vintage goods for the kitchen and home. 

il_430xN_79451622Framed and Matted Crested Gecko Print 

DekoraPrints offers quality photographs from Anja Buffalo.

il_430xN_74514371In the Dark of the Night 

AND DekoraWoodsCreations brings you quality jewelry that anyone would be proud to own.

I can only imagine how busy they are trying to run three shops on etsy!  I know it’s difficult to manage two!

Now on to the team wist ‘E’ for the day:  eleganceforyou

il_430xN_78123236 The – Statement – Earrings

Here’s what I learned from her bio:

I have been creating jewelry for over three years. My goal is to make beautiful and affordable fashionable trendy jewelry,at a price that every woman can afford.
I like to use sterling silver and 14kt filled gold wire. I love to mix it up. In my designs you will see a variety of beads my personal favorites are precious gemstones, crystals,and I love vintage beads. I have never met a bead that I didn't love.
Any of my jewelry can be custom made as well as custom sized upon request. Please feel free to contact me.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting a few new shops from good ol’ Wisconsin!


DakorahDesigns said...

Thanks so much for including our three shops! What an honor. :) You think we're busy with these three.....we also have a reptile breeding business (feeding and caring for over 500 snakes plus geckos and turtles!!) and we both have full time jobs! lol Guess ya gotta do something for the 4-6 months of the year its too cold to do much outside. lol Oh and we are both avid gardeners.

I love the WIST team members! Everyone is so great. :)


eleganceforyou said...

Thank you!!! I'm honored to me featured

Anonymous said...

Oops feeding for 500 snakes!!
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