Monday, August 24, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – Team Wist ‘H’s’ & ‘I’

Happy Monday!  This means it’s time to go and look at a few more wonderful Wisconsin etsians!  Our first stop is:  Happenstancebychance where you will find upcycled messenger bags made from reclaimed billboard signs, other fun bags from fabric and upholstery remnants and unique book markers.

il_430xN_78710058 Messanger Bag from Recycled Billboard Sign – Es AAA

Here’s what her bio says about her: 

To quote the song lyrics of Steve Winwood, “While you see a chance take it”.

I’ve always been creative and for many years I’ve been designing and creating different items...most recently, bookmarkers and purses. When one of my brothers heard about my recent job loss and my idea of trying to sell my creations online, his response was “the entrepreneurial spirit was born through them worldwide and you’ll soon be hiring the rest of us”. Well, I’m not sure about having to hire others to help....but his comments really made me believe that maybe what has happened to me is my chance to sell my creations....the big push that I needed.

The definition of happenstance is “a chance circumstance” or “a chance happening”. Thus, the creation of my shop name “HappenstanceByChance”.

Next stop on our little trip of Wisconsin is the HouseofGourds.  Here you will find:  Birdhouse Gourds, Animals, Paintings, Memo Bugs, Carvings, Greeting Cards, Rosaries, Jars and Soap. 

il_430xN_82064437 Evergreen Bird House Gourd

Here’s what I learned about House of Gourds from the profile section:

As a lifelong artist, I have been privileged in retirement to spend time creating treasures of nature. My birdhouse gourds reflect my bird breeding business. Yet I have such a love of animals I began to paint the true pet rocks. I majored in art at Marygrove college and supported my family with the sales of paintings in Arizona. When I moved to Wisconsin, I began the craft/art business and attend many art/craft shows around the state. I included chimes, potato cookers, and handmade rosaries.

As well as the art items I create, I offer an unusual item with Poison Ivy soap. When I moved to Wisconsin I found Poison Ivy and I was covered with the rash for 10 weeks. After much suffering I developed a soap that is totally natural with plants, herbs and coconut oil. I have sold it locally in Wisconsin for seven years with 100% positive results.

I love to create and work with my hands so I'm happy to share these items with you. But if you are looking for an item with a special personal touch for a gift, please contact me!

Last stop on our trip of Wisconsin today is IndigoFragrance.  Here you will find fragrance oils, lavender sachets, sachet envelopes, reed diffuser oils, and miscellaneous supplies. 

il_430xN_84668191 Autumn Premium Fragrance Oil, 4 oz

Here’s what I learned from there profile:

We are a home based company blending and selling premium fragrance oils for use in reed diffuser oils, bath and body products, candles, aromatherapy, soapmaking and more.
In addition to our fragrance oils, we also sell reed diffusers, reed diffuser supplies and other fragranced products.

If you are looking for quality supplies at reasonable prices, you have happened upon the right place. We live in central Wisconsin and support buying and selling handcrafted goods !


I hope you enjoyed another addition of ‘Show and Tell Monday!’

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houseofgourds said...

It really is a compliment to be included in the blog! I hope people take the time to come visit my shop as well as all the other wonderful artists in our group!

Can't spend your time any better!