Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday -Learn your ABC's!

Hello all!

Growing up with a name like Xanthe, I never...NEVER found anything with my name preprinted on it, but I still looked. I thumbed through the Jennys and Anns hoping maybe there was a Xanthe misfiled *grins* with no luck. So my only hope was someone able to customize just for me. In this project you can make a simple fun gift with impact, or just make it for yourself. Even if your name is Xanthe.

Signs and wonderful typography are all around us. Next time you go out, bring your camera and snap away.*

I arranged each of these images in a publishing program to form the square with a strip of white between each letter. "Love in Lights" looks great in this Ikea Ribba box frame.

For "Joy", I just used a simple photo editing program to crop and resize each image to fit my chosen frames. In this case the frames are from the Dollar Tree. Print on photo paper or nice bright white cardstock. Cut to fit the frame using the frame insert as a guide and pop into the frame.

Letter images would also make great gift tags. Print out the recipients initials and paste onto cardstock or scrapbooking paper and add ribbon.

When choosing letter images, try to keep it fun. You can go with a theme ie...each include a particular color, each letter is carved in stone, each is painted, or even rusted. Or just mix it up for interest. Try printing in grayscale for a modern decorating scheme.

Have fun!

*I admit I was too busy to take photos for these examples. A simple Flickr search discovered Leo Reynolds, a generous photographer who has a large selection of letter photos available under the Creative Commons License. I am not advocating copyright infringement, please read the usage details and what is allowed.

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britney said...

it's a wonderful typography!!
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