Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moo Crew Feature

This week's featured member is Lisa Ferin Designs.
Her shop is amazing and is a must see for all jewelry fanatics.
Simply click any of the images in this post to peruse this gorgeous shop!

1) Tell us about your work and what drew you to it.
I have loved jewelry for as long as I can remember. I grew up in New York City, and went regularly to the Metropolitan Museum. I would stand mesmerized in front of the ancient jewelry cases. I was an archaeologist before being a jeweler, so I guess the museum was a double influence!

Lisa's Workbench and tools

2) What is most enjoyable about your work?

Having an idea and being able to see it come instantly (almost) to life, so to speak. I love the connection to something that has such a long and rich history. Also, I work in a cooperative studio in Madison, so having other people to share ideas, equipment (and lunch!) with is great.

3) What is your biggest challenge?

First of all, finding the time to set aside for making my jewelry -- it is not my full time endeavor. Second, overcoming doubt about my abilities and being more aggressive about promoting myself.

4) How are you inspired?
I can't pinpoint any one thing. From one day to the next it might be a natural form, or a memory from my travels, or seeing a museum exhibit. A lot of times I just sit down and an idea starts forming on its own without a lot of previous thought.

Gypsy Teardrops

5) Apart from creating, what do you enjoy?

Besides my family and cat.... I have been involved for several years with the organization Slow Food. I am very interested in sustainability and getting better food into our schools.

6) What is something you've always wanted to try, but haven't yet?

With regards to my work, Precious Metal Clay and die-forming. For my other life, kayaking.

7) What is your most cherished handmade item?

In the first grade, my daughter (now almost 13) made me Mommy-Baby clay owls wearing Santa hats -- it's hanging on my bulletin board and always makes me smile.

The owls

8) Is there any rule you can't help but break?

Just one?!? I've been winging it my whole life.

9) What could you never live without?

Books, chocolate, a sturdy pillow, aforementioned family.

10) Tell us your top five!

Books; The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan, Operating Instructions by Annne Lammott, Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie, The Places In Between by Rory Stewart

11) Besides Etsy, where can your work be found?

In Madison, at Macha Teahouse and Gallery, 1934 Monroe Street. They have tons of tea varieties, cupcakes, Asian inspired foods, art, jewelry, an no doilies!!

13) Do you have any upcoming shows?

Still waiting to hear about Craftacular in November, but I will be at Art in the Wright Place (in Madison's historic Frank Lloyd Wright Unitarian Meeting House) on Sunday October 25th.
My studio mates and I also have a studio sale with some friends and other building (Main Street Industries) businesses every December. This year, probably the 12th. Stay tuned for more details!


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