Monday, September 21, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – Team Wist J’s – Part IV

This is the last show and tell feature for the letter ‘J’. I’m sure you’re all ready to move onto the K’s (don’t worry…next Monday) but there’s still two fabulous shops to stop by at: jreneedesign and Julie B’s Jewels. First, we’ll check out what jreneedesign has to offer.il_430xN_21319496Medium Lux Tuck Tote Bag – Red Bees

You can currently find bags, corsets, and signature satchels for sale at her shop. Here’s what I learned about her from her profile:

I grew up loving to create, and ended up with two degrees in fashion design. After a couple of years spent with my second love, knitting, I've come back to my first love, clothing and accessory design.
All of my items are designed and all of the patterns are made by hand by me.

Onto the final stop in the world of J’s in Wisconsin: Julie B’s Jewels! Here you can find a wide variety of stunning jewelry.

il_430xN_57008423Mother of Pearl-multi strand necklace

And I learned something interesting from reading her profile:

I love to make jewelry!!! Who would have thunk it. I worked on helicopters at one point in time and I am still twisting wires...LOL. I have the best husband in the whole world. He is very supportive of my craft.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the shops I’ve featured today! Tune in next week for the ‘K’ shops!

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