Monday, October 26, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – More Team Wist ‘M’s’

Happy Monday! Actually, it’s quite dreary and rainy as I look out the window…a perfect day to do a little internet shopping in your pj’s!

Let’s start our trip in beautiful Sheboygan, WI at MarryMule’s shop of handmade fabric accessories.

il_430xN_90887091 Razzle Dazzle Brown and Green Pleated Shoulder Bag

I enjoyed reading MaryMule’s profile…short and amusing:

I sewed an apron in 7th grade home economics and swore I would never touch a sewing machine again.
Fast forward about 15 years. After seeing some funky bags at a farmers market and coffee cozies on etsy, I finally decided I wanted to learn to sew. I bought myself a sewing machine for my birthday and jumped right in.

Now we’ll take a jaunt to a neighbor in Columbus, WI, and have a visit with mcrdesigns contemporary – vintage – handmade jewelry.

il_430xN_87726924 Fossil coral Sterling Silver Bracelet

Here’s what her profile had to say…always nice to really get to know who you’re buying from:

I am happy to share my world of wearable art with you in the form of jewelry, made to last. I have been hand crafting pieces for over eight years, working primarily in sterling silver. I love all gems and organics, like shell and wood, but I like to use Swarovski crystal and Czech glass, too. I tend to make matching pieces of jewelry, not necessarily to be worn together but because I like to see all the ways a string of stones can be used.
I draw on many years of experience in the fashion business and more recently in the horticulture field to inspire me. I graduated from UW-Madison in Wisconsin in Related Art and Textiles & Clothing, unsure of what was ahead of me. I worked retail in department stores in a variety of departments and positions, leading to Human Resources. I currently manage a large Midwest garden center, which is truly enjoyable. Of course, my first love is designing and creating jewelry.
You will always be able to count on three things from me; first, I will fashion a piece of jewelry for you that I would be proud to wear myself, second, I travel "to the beat of a different drum" so my pieces are always a bit different and many one-of-a-kind and last, "shoppe" in my book is always pronounced "shop-pee".
Stop by the West James Gallery in Columbus, WI, and see my other jewelry collections. Our city has a number of fine shoppes(!) as well as a HUGE antique store housed in a big old factory building!

Our last stop will be down in the great city of Madison, WI, at merelythemoon’s shop.

il_430xN_84871111 Apples in the Tree Buttons

And here’s what merelythemoon’s profile had to say:

After graduating from college with a BA in History and a second BA in Art History, I found myself inspired to move from my mountain home in Pennsylvania to the lake-laden prairie-land of Madison, WI after touring the country with my music.
When I'm not working or crafting you can find me baking or playing my autoharp, riding my bicycle, Olive, or updating my blog!
Knitting for 10 years.
Sewing for 8.
Loving for 23.

Tune in for more M’s from Wisconsin next Monday!

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