Monday, November 30, 2009

Show and Tell – 2009 Craftacular

I’m going to take a short break from our ‘trip around Wisconsin’ Show and Tell Monday to do a special Show and Tell from the Craftacular that I took a part of this week with MANY MANY other team wist members. I went around quickly before the show opened and tried to take picture of everyone that was apart of etsy. 003 A. KimsCraftyApple and theApple004B. JennyBlasenPottery 005 C. Bare Tree Apparel006D. AntiqueBasketLady 008 E.009F.010G. BagsByG 012 H.015 I. WhimsyHouse016 J. OddStuffbyXanthe017 K. Tiebeau018 L. Little Dandelion Studios019 M. StorylineDesign020 N. 021 O.022 P.023 Q.024 R.025 S.026T.

038U.028 An overview of the site before the buyers arrive!029 034 The buyers are here! 036 And they’re everywhere!

I apologize in advance if I missed your booth. If you took a picture of it or someone else did please email me and I will be more than happy to add it to the blog post!

Also, I went around really fast so I may not be able to put booths with the persons shop name. I labeled each one so if you want to email or convo me with the picture’s letter that matches your shop I will go in and edit the links. Thanks for your help!

My kids came with my husband to help me pick up. 040It started out with disastrous potential (both were sound asleep in the van when they arrived) but luckily I had treats. 039Treats = happy kids

Overall, I was extremely happy with the craftacular. From what I’ve heard thus far the other sellers were as well. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Glitter Workshop and Anthology for all of there amazing work to get a day like this together. They were very organized in telling us where to set up, how to prepare for the show and more than friendly to answer any questions we may have had. Also, they definately delivered when it came to advertising. The crowd was great and really excited to be there. The variety of vendors was amazing. I hope to be able to attend the 6th annual Craftacular next year and I strongly recommend for other artists to apply as well.

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it! Maybe next year...

magpieknits said...

Kim, Your booth was great. I hope you sold lots. It was great meeting you.
Maggie of magpieknits

Xanthe said...

Thanx for the post and the pics!!!