Monday, November 23, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – Let’s meet the P’s!

We’re going to start our Monday Show and Tell in a town not too far from me…Montello, WI at Pattibear’s Place

il_430xN_37785471 Match Stick Santas

Here’s  a little bit more about Pattiebear from her profile:

I am married with 3 teens at home , grandmother of 12 who loves to paint and craft. I have a small shop in town and help to organize local events including craft shows and vendor fairs. I have Myastenia Gravis and use my painting as a stress reliever and way to cope one day at a time!

I don’t know where I’ve been but I’ll have to take a trip up to her brick and mortar shop and check it out soon…it’s not too far from little ole Poynette. 

Now we’ll head up even farther north to Minocqua, WI, and visit PawandClawDesigns.

il_430xN_66706742 Die, Die, My Darling Earrings – Black Pearl

Here’s what her profile had to say:

Paw & Claw Designs specializes in Handmade Bead & Wire Artisan Jewelry for One-of-a-Kind People with One-of-a-Kind Taste.
From a funky signature piece, to a stunning set for your wedding day, Paw & Claw Designs has the unique jewelry you want, at a price you can afford.
Paw & Claw Designs is run from my design studio, which is a part of my (very) cat friendly home in Northern WI, USA.
Our cats like to visit my studio, and sometimes help me make interesting color combos by knocking my beads all over the floor in a fevered attempt to divert my attention from my work.
All pieces are cleaned before packaging in zip bags and stored to protect them from the household environment prior to shipping. Each piece is hand inspected prior to shipping.
I'm mostly self taught, spending my early mornings tinkering with wire and beads until they make something purrfectly pretty. ( sorry, I couldn't resist)
I love reading about and learning new techniques, so check back in my shop often to see what I've learned to do lately.

The last stop on our journey will be farther south in Mukwanago, WI at the PerfectPaperShop

il_430xN_98671191 Red Christmas Poppy Gift Bags – Set of 4

And here’s  a little bit more about PerfectPaperShop:

My name is Julie and I live in Wisconsin with my husband and three young children. The kids keep us very busy, but I try to find a little time to be creative every week. It always seems to lift my spirits!

Join me again next Monday to meet a few more P’s from the Wisconsin Team!