Monday, November 9, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – Let’s Meet some more ‘M’ Shops and even an N!

We’re going to start this week’s trip in the Northwestern part of the state with MirasolFarms in River Falls, WI. I really enjoyed their opening paragraph in their shop announcement:

On a retired Wisconsin dairy farm we make earthbound pleasures. Organic soaps made the old-fashioned way, from raw ingredients. Creams, lotions and balms made from scratch, with essential oils that scent as well as move the spirit. Packaging that's beautiful as well as eco-friendly (check out our cobalt blue glass bottles and jars). Jams and marmalades created from local organically-grown fruit. Nothing fancy, just simple pleasures that soothe the soul and delight the senses.

il_430xN_101123264 Bulk Organic Soap - 5 Bars

And their bio is really cute too!

We're shy homebodies who love incorporating essential oils, luscious organic oils and butters, and botanical ingredients into useful products that elevate the spirits. We're making a foray into organic chickens, berries, bees, and an enormous garden, and are trying to figure out what sustainable agriculture looks like on us.
We've been handmaking soap, salves and lotions for 8 years, and making jams and jellies for as long as we've been able to follow instructions from an elder. We're following our crazy dream of creating products with as many locally-grown organic ingredients as possible. So - Green Acres, step aside - we've moved out of the city onto a retired dairy farm near River Falls, Wisconsin.
The name Mirasol Farm (mirasol is Spanish for sunflower) reflects the Latina roots of one side of our family, and reflects the main ingredient in most of our bath and body products: the oil naturally highest in Vitamin E - sunflower oil.

Now we’re hitting the road and heading way over to Kenosha, WI, and visiting MoiraCoon’s Shinies Shop. Here you can find original jewelry, vintage jewelry, vintage patterns and vintage attire.

il_430xN_88670457 Vintage 1970s green enameled flower brooch

From her bio:

MoiraCoon, much like her raccoon brethren, is quite attracted to shiny bits. She enjoys creating jewelry and other decoratives, incorporating recycled elements with new components to create unique art pieces that transcend eras.

We’ll end our trip with a drive to the Northeastern part of the state to NorthwoodsFelt. il_430xN_33220001 Etc. Bag

Here’s what Sara had to say in her bio:

I'm a fifth-generation Yooper that jumped the river a few years back (be sure to convo me if you have any idea what that means).
During the school day, I work in the special education field. The rest of the time, I knit (or needle felt or read or play with my dogs or explore the outdoors or visit with my fiance or other friends--or just about anything else to avoid actual work).
I've been knitting a few years now, patiently taught by my elderly mother after I finally realized that if I was going to learn, I better do it while I had her expertise close at hand. I started creating my own patterns almost right from the get-go. (Mostly because I've never been good at following others' directions and prefer doing as I please. Just ask my mom--or my boss, for that matter.)
So, anyway, to make a long story short, buy something here. Go ahead, I dare you.

And with that, we have completed the M’s and N’s…next week we’ll be moving onto the O’s!

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