Monday, November 16, 2009

Show and Tell Monday - ‘O’!

We’re going to start the morning out by visiting OddArtist.

il_430xN_90789690 Here’s what her profile had to say:

I have lived my life being creative in some form or another. I work in acrylics, ceramics, and recycled materials. Described as an 'experimental artist', I seldom do the same thing twice, unless I'm working on more than one piece at a time.
Influenced by Nature, and the psychedelic 60's and 70's, my work is always unique and original.
Currently residing in the mid-west, my work can often be found in online auctions.
I hope you will take a moment to look over my wares. While some have been inspired by other artists and craftsters, most of my items are completely original (or at least I've never seen their likes!).

Our next stop (and last) in the Wisconsin O’s is at OddStuffbyXanthe.

il_430xN_76384619 Here’s what Xanthe’s profile had to say:

My name is Xanthe Walker and I live in often cold central Wisconsin. I grew up in Madison, but I've moved around a bit. I earned a BFA in Crafts from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. My background is mostly sterling and copper jewelry, sometimes incorporating found objects.
I've been a stay at home mom for almost 12 years. A few years ago, I started working with other materials, which lead me to collage and mixed media art.
It is very satisfying for me to take something that was destined for the trash and turn it into something great! I'm constantly experimenting.
We live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farm fields, trees, and critters. My favorites are birds. I never tire of watching them. I admire how beautiful, fragile and tough they are.
My kids are fun and inspiring. I get so many ideas from their view of the world. I have both a flower and a vegetable garden, that are a bit neglected lately!
I volunteer at a local library organizing weekly craft activities for preschoolers. I recently became involved in WIST (Wisconsin Etsy Street Team). I is the first time I've been active in an online group and I love it! Search WIST in Etsy to find other Wisconsin artists.
When I'm not busy with the family, the garden, the library, WIST, and art...Whew! I love to read, surf the net, watch movies, cook, and watch reruns of Stargate SG1. I'm a SciFi geek at heart.

It was nice to stop by some more fabulous Wisconsin shops.  I look forward into delving into the ‘P’s next week!  I hope you decide to join me!

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Thanx Kim!!! Looks great