Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday -Mini Chalkboard

Another craft tutorial that recycles... my favorite type of project! Hang this cute little chalkboard in your kitchen, on a door, or make a few to give as a gifts (maybe a teacher gift???) Just big enough to write a cheery comment everyday.

For this mini chalk board, you'll need:
-a recycled wooden surface, I found a used mini cheese cutting board in my basement stash
-a scrabble tile tray
-craft paint (not glossy, just plain old Apple Barrel or similar paints) and brushes
- Mod Podge
-wood glue
-paper (I used painted book pages but scrapbooking paper is great too)
-black colored pencil and charcoal pencil
-ribbon or fabric scrap

If the wood base has no hole on the top, drill one now. Trim the scrabble tray to the width of the wooden base. Glue tray onto the bottom edge of the base. When the glue is dry, paint the entire piece with a coat of white paint. Paint book pages or assemble what scrapbooking papers you want to use.

Next, I painted the base green, the tray orange, and glued on the orange and white book pages. I painted the center section black. I did not use chalk board paint. I just used Apple Barrel craft paint. I added white dots along the side. When all the paint was dry, I added details with black color pencil and charcoal pencil to grubby up the piece a bit. I coated the paint and paper areas with Mod Podge but not the black chalk area! I used a torn piece of recycled sari silk for the hanger, but any nice ribbon or fabric would work. For a cute mini eraser, I used a vintage child's block with a coil of felt glued on the end.
Have fun and make tons!!!!


Mimi said...

You have the best ideas!

thepainteddaisy72@yahoo.com said...

What a great idea. My daughter and I are going to do this over winter break!