Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday -Octopus Cat / Dog Toy

Oscar with his new toy...I used a sharpie to add two eyes.

Time to make a gift for the kitty or doggie in your life!
It is really simple and uses, yes again, recycled materials!

Penny with a larger version...I can't get it from her...she loves it!

All you need are scissors, old t-shirt, and for a cat- catnip.

For the cat toy:
-Cut one t-shirt strip just over an inch wide and about 10 inches long.
-Cut two other strands about half inch wide and about 16 inches long.
I used two different colors to make it easier to see the knots.


Start by holding the ends together on one side and make a knot.

Tighten this leaving about 1.25 inches on one side.

Fold the excess fabric over the knot back on itself with the inner (wider) fabric spread open.

Start knotting. I believe this is a Square knot I'm doing. Though I do each half at a time. Take the two outside strands and fold over and thru each other as shown in the photo. Slowly tighten so the excess fabric is covered with the knot.

The side with the "bump" shown in the photo is string you grab next.
Each side will alternate which strand goes over the center.

The other half of the square knot. Knot over the excess fabric and tighten.

This shows one finished square knot.

Now trim the excess fabric that you've been knotting over.
Fill the center fabric with catnip
(I couldn't find my cat nip so I used parsley as an example *grins* ) The t shirt fabric wants to curl, so it is pretty easy to roll it over itself so the cat nip in enclosed.

This is what it looks like after 5 full knots (ten "bumps" on each side).
Now cut each outside color strand in half and
the wider center strand in 4 pieces,
so now you have 8 legs for your octopus.
Tie these to each other and you're done!

For the dog version, I just cut the strips of t-shirt wider and longer and omit the catnip.
There really is no right way so experiment and have fun!

My knotting explanation isn't the best, so here are
a few links to look up more info.

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Dave Robertson said...

This is a lot of fun, thanks for suggesting a pet toy craft! For knotting (etc.) instructions, I'd also suggest checking out FaveCrafts.com, just don't be in a hurry because there's so much neat stuff there :)

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