Monday, December 28, 2009

Moo Crew Feature

We're paying a visit to Midwest Needles for this week's feature.

1) Tell us about your work & what drew you to it.

We both have been crafters & creators for awhile and wanted to provide a place for Midwest artists to get unique supplies and inspiration. Right now we have vintage fabric but are working hard on selling our own handmade items, some unique notions, and hard to find supplies.

2) What is most enjoyable about your work?

It's so fun to see what people have made with our fabric! One customer is a collector of vintage fabric and she already had a fabric that was identical to one of our she snatched up every yard we had!

We love seeing how much art and craftwork is appreciated today. So many people now take pride in handmade work of their own and others. It's really great!

3) What is your biggest challenge?

Right now it's beefing up our shop. We are working hard to change our selection so it isn't just vintage fabric. Watch for our new and improved shop soon!

4) How are you inspired?

Both of us follow different design/ crafty/ inspiration blogs daily. Design*Sponge is a big hit with us for obvious reasons. Many mornings we'll hang out on chat just sending different pictures and blog posts to each other that we find interesting.

5) Apart from creating, what do you what are you passionate about?

We're both passionate about recycling, reusing, and buying local products. We spend a lot of time together going to farmers' markets, antique shops, and brainstorming!

6) What is something you've always wanted to try, but haven't yet?

Kate- I've always wanted to learn how to spin yarn!

Kerith- I have never made a quilt. I'm really nervous about making one...That's going to change though! I will make one! It will happen! I will make it my New Year's Resolution!

7) What is your most cherished handmade item?

Kate- Mine is the first scarf I ever knit. It's made out of this Lion Brand yarn that everyone seems to have used at one point. It's ratty and not very attractive anymore but I STILL wear it. Even though I'm now educated on what "good" yarn is I still cozy up to my very first project.

Kerith- My dear old Aunt Myrtle made me a little sleeping bag when I was about 6. It's pretty neat! I don't fit in it anymore...obviously. It's a quilted pillow by day, and then it folds out into a little sleeping bag by night! It's the best!

8) Is there any rule you can't help but break?

Kate- Checking gauge. I just want to cast on right away!

Kerith- Ditto! Checking gauge? Who needs it?!

9) What could you never live without?

Kate- My ridiculous cat. She's chubby and incredibly lazy and mean but for some reason she's nice to me!

Kerith- My little family! My husband and my two dachshunds are the best around! They're all so handsome and supportive!

10) Tell us your top five!

Kate- This American Life, Design*Sponge, the music my composer fiancee writes, any knitting books by Interweave Press, and coffee!

Kerith- Top Five?! Coffee, color, bicycles, flowers, photos, pastries

11) Besides Etsy, where can your work be found?

Soon it will be on!!
We also have a blog we update frequently, we also have a few items for sale at The National in Milwaukee, WI.

12) Do you have any current or ongoing specials?

For our vintage fabric, if you buy all the yards we have available, we take off a dollar a yard! Sometimes that adds up to getting a yard free! Even more!