Monday, December 14, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – More P’s! and an R

We’ll start our Show and Tell Monday this week in Spencer, WI with Pretty [Much] Art

il_430xN_46879353 Red Winter Joy

Here’s what her bio had to say: 

My name is Stephanie. I am a 24 year old currently residing in the small town of Spencer, Wisconsin. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2008 with a BFA in graphic design.
My artwork is done on the computer. I design the pictures using hand-drawn illustrations I scanned into the computer and manipulated in Photoshop.
My current line is called "Pretty Much Natural" consisting of plants and weeds with an occasional butterfly, dragonfly, bird, or frog. Some are on the softer, more natural side, while some have a little more wild and funky flair.
On my Etsy site I sell 8x10 prints in 11x14 white mats. Each print is one of a kind, meaning I print and sell only one of each design I make. I also sell Pretty Bookmarks, and Pretty Notecards in assorted sets of four. The latest addition to my shop are my Pretty Pendants, Pretty Coasters and Pretty Magnets, all of which feature my artwork and are handcrafted by my partner (and mother) Theresa.

Next, we’ll make the move onto Eagle, Wisconsin and visit Promises Promises

il_430xN_88349214 Four Marks of the Hand Palomino Spirit Horse

Here’s what I learned from PromisesPromises from her profile:

I have as long as I can remember loved painting, sculpting and various crafts.
I began making totems after I had a vision of Spirit Horses emerging from the forest several years ago. This incident brought back clear memories of my great grandmother combing her long waist length pepper and salt hair. She wore it bunched into a bun during the day ( I always wondered how she could wind that much hair into such a small area) but would release and braid it every night. As she combed and braided she often spoke of our ancestors and spirit guides. These early memories coupled with seeing the herd of ghost horses were the inspiration for my totems. Every totem holds a special message and a wish for well being for its recipient.
Also, recently I have started making stuffed animals again. When my children were small I created many of their dolls and soft toys; as they grew I abandoned toy making and went on to other things. My daughter considered sewing some things and putting them in my shop, but never got around to doing it; talking with her reminded me of how much fun I had creating assorted critters, so I decided to make some myself. I hope you enjoy them.
Thanks for stopping by.

Our last stop for today will be in Bangor, WI, at Ranamuckil_430xN_109271482Santa Sliding Down a Banister Printed Fabric Stocking - Vintage 1978 - Tri-Chem Liquid Embroidery Fabric 8090 - Paintable - Destash

In this shop I sell cruelty-free feathers from our farm birds as well as from birds we hunt for to eat. I don't believe in letting anything go to waste and I don't believe in hurting a bird just to get the feathers.
The cruelty-free feathers available are from birds raised on our Wisconsin farm. The feathers currently available are peacock, rooster/chicken, guinea, and pheasant. The feathers that come from hunted birds are Wild Turkey feathers.
All feathers are cleaned before they are shipped. I boil, bleach, and wash the feathers in soapy water. This process has allowed me to have safe feathers that are high quality.
I also sell my destash supplies that I am just no longer using. I primarily work with hemp cord so I have many beads that do not fit the cord. I also have a variety of other supplies available.
When you purchase my feathers or destash and make something, send me a photo of the item (or the listing ID) and some information about the item. I will then blog about you for free! This is just my way of helping my buyers find buyers of their own. If you make something that is not for sale, I will still blog about it and link to your shop if you like.

I also have 2 other shops on Etsy.
RanaMuck Hemp
RanaMuck Photography


I hope you enjoyed this week’s show and tell edition!  Tune in for more next week!