Monday, December 7, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – More P’s!

We’ll start this snowy day out it Manitow, WI with persimmonsgal – a cute shop with a wide variety of fun items!

il_430xN_105091469 Ketchup and Fries Love

Here’s what I learned from her profile:

I am pretty much always making something. I love doing collages with old ephemera, trying to sew, crocheting, mosaics, painting and whatever else I dream up in any particular day. I love love love making stuff and really love being around others who also make beautiful things. I opened Persimmons, my little store, in my hometown and sell and show artwork from about a dozen local and regional artists. Life is fabulous!

Let’s continue our journey and head to the state capitol to meet PointyKitty Studios

il_430xN_99751685 pop and crackle pendant necklace

And her profile says:

As a child, I remember watching my grandfather in his workshop. Gnarled, ancient hands, full of lines, stained with years of dirt and grease from working in the fields and fixing up machinery were now taking small bits of colored glass and creating beautifully intricate creatures and villages.
As my work evolves, I seek out ways to keep it fresh and different. I love the challenge of combining different mediums and techniques in the same piece to produce a work both beautiful and timeless yet also functional.
Mistakes become new designs and mishaps become new techniques. I am constantly learning, reinventing and refining. In my work, I have created classic pieces that are tactile and ask to be touched, but also exude understated elegance.
My studio is not so much a physical space as it is simply where ever my laptop, my cameras, my components, and myself exist. I'm drawn to stories in various places around the world, rather than remaining in one static space.
In addition to my personal work, I've jobbed with non-profit organizations, universities, and the indy media, creating highly personal documentary pieces and still photography.
Put simply, I'm driven to communicate in whatever medium best fits.

Our journey will end in Madison as well with Prettifications and her distinctive jewelry inspired by nature and the vintage.

il_430xN_103014611 Tulah

And here’s what I found from her bio:

As explained in the Shop Policies (Welcome section), I am quite fresh on the Etsy scene. I began as a fervent buyer of earrings -not unlike a kid in a candy store- under the username cmscott121981. Although I am a scientist by training, I believe I am an artist at heart- not that the two are exclusive of one another. Perhaps I should say I am a scientific artist, or an artistic scientist... I'll have to mull over that one. Etsy's numerous and talented artists have lit a fire beneath me, inspiring me to explore their community as an artistic outlet.
I was born and raised in New England, specifically New Hampshire, and then I crossed the Connecticut River to earn my Bachelors degree in Biology from Middlebury College in Vermont. After sampling a couple other New England locales, including Nantucket island, I returned to Vermont where I spent the last 3 years raising the world's puniest rottweiler (who concurrently suffers from a Napoleon complex), and working in women's health.
Following my partner's acceptance into what will ultimately be a PhD program at the University of Wisconsin, we packed up and relocated to the midwest.
After several weeks of frantically pursuing job opportunities and nursing my Etsy obsession with impulse purchases during my copious spare time, I have finally been offered a position with Madison's YWCA, which I have eagerly accepted!
This is a time in my life of great and numerous novelties: (drastically) new home away from home, (radically) new hairdo, (another) new job in the non-profit realm, and a new shop within Etsy.

Once again I enjoyed this weeks journey through Wisconsin’s alphabet.  Some very great shops with very talented artists.  Tune in next week to see what else Wisconsin has to offer!

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