Monday, December 21, 2009

Show and Tell Monday – the rest of the ‘R’s’

Happy Monday!  This post is a little delayed after just returning from a whirlwind ‘mini holiday’ to Green Bay, WI and then to St. Paul, MN.  But I’m back now and ready to post!

We’ll start our journey in a wonderful city that I just returned to, Madison, WI, with RecreativeCrafts.

il_430xN_89508055 Onesie Wisconsin Made Locally

BIO:  I am Rosy Hawbaker, the sole designer behind Recreative Crafts.
I live in Madison, WI and spend my free time whipping up something craftastic.
I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, and after the third time I dropped out of college studying art I decided that college wasn't the right thing for me. I did however, gain many skills as a designer, and an artist.
I love sewing, and embroidering, and making new designs.

Now we’ll head to another major city in the fabulous state of Wisconsin – Milkwaukee to RetroRedesign’s shop. 


Retro BUTTON Mini BOUQUET in Vintage Blue Glass Vase

BIO:  I love everything Retro & Vintage! My house was built in 1957 and is fully furnished with 50's era furniture and memorabilia. My passion for Retro has led me to start my etsy site Retro ReDesign to sell my Retro ReCreations using Vintage buttons, Costume jewelry and more. And to sell some great Retro Household items I find!

Today’s journey will end in Viroqua,WI with RiverWeave Studio. 

il_430xN_75378097Linen and Camel Wrap/Scarf 

BIO:  I am an independent textile artist working in my home studio in Wisconsin. We live outside of a small town in a house with a stream in the front yard. Another passion of my time is gardening and conservation of native plants. My work is produced with off-grid energy -- solar and mine. I sell my work in a small local artists gallery in Viroqua, so from time to time things disappear from the etsy site or are reserved because they have been sold at the gallery. Check out my blog at
Kathy's Kats are new and since I began making them, I dream kats or cats -- real cats. It's curious. Your benefit, if you choose a 'kat' to call your own is that he/she will come complete with personality. They really are perfect little companions. I hope you like them as much as I do! They are made with vintage and high quality wool, sometimes a piece of my handwoven fabric gets into them too.

Well, that’s the end of our Wisconsin Journey for this Monday.  I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday’s!

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