Monday, June 29, 2009


Happy Monday Everyone! Show and tell this week is about Catherine Bold from TieBeau! She was featured on June 6th in the Isthmus Newspaper! How exciting!
To read her story just click HERE!

How exciting TieBeau!

I hope everyone has a fabulous and fun fourth of July weekeend! See you next Monday!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bargain Hunter

Hey there! It's bargain hunter Friday again! WIST has some great deals this week on Etsy!

We start things off with Dakorah Designs. Dakorah sells vintage bakeware and kitchen items, including Pyrex. The entire store is marked 50% off or more. Make sure you take a look!

Elegance for You has a great sale section! There are a number of lovely pieces at great sale prices!

Jenny Blasen Pottery is having a summer sale! Check out the sale section for steals and deals on lovely pottery pieces!

Bargains abound at Whimsy House! Check out the bargains section for great deals on whimsical accesories for your summer wardrobe!

At Glass Goddess Jewelry you'll find a variety of pendants ranging from cameos to Swarovski crystals! Through tomorrow you will receive $10 off the purchase of two pendants. Oh, and you'll also get free shipping! What a deal! Hurry - don't miss it!

Zenith Jade carries an eclectic mix of jewelry and photography items. Select items throughout the store are 25% their regular price.

Lu's Mystic Jewels has several great sales going on right now through June 30! For example, if you buy two ankle bracelets, the 3rd one is free. Stop by the shop and check out the sales.

That's all for this week. Check back again next Friday for more great finds from the Bargain Hunter and WIST!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This weekend shows

Here is where you can find some of our Wist members this weekend! Stop by if you are in the area and say hello. It is always nice to put a face with a name.

Jess Heckman will be at Sunprint Cafe this Saturday June 27th from 7-2 during Madison's downtown farmers market. Sunprint Cafe is located at 1 South Pickney. I'm going to be giving away a set of my new pretty clips with any $25 purchase, also!

Some other events on our calendar for the upcoming weekend

Tomah National Truck and Tractor Pull Art & Craft Show

Hillside Bakery will be attending the Mauston Farmers Market from 6 to 11

At the mauson Courthouse Lawn

Olde Ellison Bay Days

9 to 5 at Ellison Bay Beach Park Hwy. 42

New Glarus Annual Heidi Fest Sat. & Sun. 9 -5 9-4

300 block of 2nd Street

Spring Green Arts and Craft Fair

Sat 9 -5 Sunday 10 - 4 Jefferson Street Downtown

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moo Crew Feature

This week's featured shop is Jewelry Infusions! Take a look through Michelle's shop & you will see beautiful pieces made by a very talented local artist. I've posted a few of my favorites here!

1) Tell us about your work & what drew you to it.

I had recently graduated with my bachelor's degree in art. In quick succession, I also got married & bought a new house. I didn't have a lot of money to invest in supplies for my artistic passion at the time, which was pottery that was wheel thrown & altered. So, I was on the lookout for something that was affordable & compact enough that I could do at home.

My brother bought me a pendant necklace that was resin with three little flowers embedded within & I fell in love with a new medium!!! I didn't know anything about resin, but I found it fascinating. I bought a book & some supplies & started working.

It definitely took some trial & error, but I loved the flexibility & adaptability that resin allows. I tend to bore easily & resin has kept me preoccupied for almost 5 years now. My work tends to be one-of-a-kind pieces with natural objects, handmade papers & fabrics embedded within.

This is my "work station" (a.k.a. a tupperware lid - resin is very messy & I'm constantly looking for new flat spaces to mess up)

Here's a picture of a pendant currently in progress. This is actually a latex mold I made of buttons, that I found works rally nice for pendants. The piece I'm making is for a friend & really good customer who wanted something French chic. she wanted a fleur de lis, so I found this silver charm which is embedded within clear resin. The next layer will be a black lace & clear resin. Lastly, she mentioned that she liked pink... so, that will be the cack. In resin work, you often work from the backside... which makes it fun to see when you finally peel it out of the mold.

2) What is most enjoyable about your work?

I really like creating one-of-a-kind pieces & custom orders. It satisfies my need to do something different. Custom work is always really satisfying, as well, because you are creating something rea
lly special that your customer has envisioned. I love making these come to life! These customers tend to be repeat customers, also, when they think of another vision they'd like created.

3) What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has always been space. When we first bought our house, I had an office/work space that was frustrating because it had to be double-duty. When our first son was born, my space now became an office/work space/ extra bedroom. And now that our second son was born in February, my work space is virtually non-existent. I now have a closet that houses my supplies & I am forced to work in the kitchen & back. I would LOVE a space where I can spread out & with enough storage so that I don't have to pick up right away if I don't want to.

This is my "studio" (a.k.a my kitchen).
My son likes to sit & draw while I work.

4) How are you inspired?

I'm inspired by my customers who bring their visions to me. I'm also inspired by going for walks & collecting little flowers & bits of nature.

5) Apart from creating, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my family. My husband, who works very hard so that I can stay home & take care of our two sons ( and play with my art, whenever there's free time!). My oldest son is going to two next month & he is equal parts sweet & mischevious (I think he takes after me). My youngest son is is four months old & smiles these huge, heart-melting grins (but also can wail like nobody's business).

6) What is something you've always wanted to try, but haven't yet?

I would love to learn how to blow glass. I think it is such a beautiful & challenging process. The UW had an awesome class, but I never had the opportunity to take it.

7) What is your most cherished handmade item?

My most cherished handmade item is actually a ceramics piece that I created at the UW. It was this new style that I was trying & the first one that I did. It didn't turn out as I expected, but I loved it even more for that.

Here it is. This was hand built. I just started building one day, with no idea where it was headed. This is what I ended up with.

8) Is there any rule you can't help but break?

I think rules are important, but nothing new is made without bending a few.

9) What could you never live without?

I've learned that all I need to be happy is my family & something to keep my hands busy.

10) Tell us your top five!

Movie: What Dreams May Come - for the message & it's georgeous artistry
Music: I lean towards folk
Book: The Last Time We Met - Anita Shreve - the most ingenious book I've ever read
Favorite Etsy Site: Found Object Fashion - She happens to be my sister, but she makes the most amazing items from repurposed clothing.

11) Besides Etsy, where can your work be found?

Anthology. A great store in the 200 block of State St. that features artists from around the state of Wisconsin. They have a unique mix of handmade items & also have classes.

12) Do you have any current or ongoing specials?

I have an ongoing sale of great pieces from my etsy site that I would just love to see find homes. Look in my sale section. I also would like to extend free shipping to anyone who mentions this feature. (Just mention this feature in the 'notes to seller' & wait for a revised invoice.)

To celebrate her feature, Michelle, would like to have a drawing for a
$15 gift certificate to her shop, Jewelry Infusions!
To enter, just visit her shop & leave a comment about your favorite item!
Michelle, will randomly choose a winner next Wednesday, 7/1.
Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, it is Tutorial Tuesday

but I don't have a new tutorial for today. The last Tutorial featured Using Color and was linked to in another blog that I know of - Lynn's Artist Motivation Blog, along with some examples of my bracelets that were inspired by colors in nature and that I'd used some of the tools mentioned in the last tutorial for. Whew. Long sentence. Here's the link - you can check out our mention in Lynn's blog.

If anyone has suggestions for tutorials for future Tutorial Tuesdays, please leave in a comment or send me an email at

Monday, June 22, 2009


A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to meet some fellow team wist-ers at a wholesale show. And now I'm going to 'show and tell' them to you!

Heidi from StoryLineDesign

Jackie from GlassGoddessJewelry

Catherine of TieBeau

and ME of KimsCraftyApple and theApple

I had a great time chatting and trading tips with the other etsians at the show!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


~ Win a NAUGHTY BITS Jewelry Item from ODD ARTIST'S Shop ~

The giveaway will run from Today, Sunday, June, 21st 2009, until Friday, July 3rd 2009 at Midnight CST. The winner will receive their Choice of Naughty Bits Jewelry from odd artist's Etsy shop!

~ To Enter ~

• Visit odd artist's shop and post a comment on the WIST Team blog about her shop. Also include (in the comment) a way for us to contact you (Etsy shop username or email address).

• A winner will be chosen at random - within 2 to 4 days of the contest ending. If the winner does not respond to the winning convo / email within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen.

~ Additional Information ~

• A New Giveaway will start every 2 weeks - so bookmark our blog for future chances to win.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And the winner is. . .

The winner for Mirasol Farm's giveaway is Jane!! Congratulations & thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments!

Jane said,

"Wonderful products from Mirasol Farms and the persons behind these fabulous creations are just as great. Follow your nose is what it's all about once you open the door here at Stone Soup Gallery. The scents are absolutely captivating."

Our winner was chosen by generating a random number using

Monday, June 15, 2009

Show and Tell - Dragon Art Fair

On Saturday morning, June 6th, 2009, I packed up my van with my oldest daughter Cedi and our umbrella's and headed to DeForest to the Dragon Art Fair. I enjoyed looking around at all the different booths and artists. I happily ran into a fellow wister - OddStuffbyXanthe!

Xanthe had a fabulous set up. Everything was clearly and nicely displayed for people to browse and it definitely caught your eye from the aisle.
Look at the fabulous sign she made for her booth!

Xanthe kindly posed for me in front of her wonderful collages and as seen below, she was lucky enough to meet my oldest daughter Cedi. Cedi was being a bit shy and then got a bit antsy to leave. Overall she did pretty well...and I thought we had left the house with a 'travel diaper' on...turns out we didn't. BUT she didn't have an accident while we were at the fair! I was very proud of her. Cedi got many compliments on her umbrella...I think she was getting tired of saying 'thank you!'

I purchased some really fun doodle charms like the one found HERE - one for each of my girls. Cedi loves a little too small but will lover hers one day :)
It was great to see Xanthe again (we met for the first time at the Christmas Time Sale) and from the looks of her shop, she must have done well!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moo Crew Feature

This week's featured shop is Mirasol Farm! Click the image above to peruse their awesome array of natural bath & body products & tasty collection of jams & mamalades all made simply & without harmful ingredients!

1) Tell us about your work & what drew you to it!

We like to say that handmade soaps are better than chocolate. It's completely magical, the chemistry of turning oils into something that smells amazing & is useful! But I admit that I made my first batch of soap 8 years ago in a kitty litter box (you know how it is when inspirations strikes - you have to use what's handy). The soap actually "took", & I was hooked...

I learned how to make lotions & balms a little later, & just last year moved to a farm so we could start growing some of our own organic ingredients. We took the name Mirasol Farm because we emphasize the use of sunflower oil - it's the oil naturally highest in Vitamin E, & it's grown right here in the upper Midwest. Mirasol is Spanish for sunflower, so the name also reflects the Latino roots of half of our family. We started keeping bees, are growing our own herbs, figured out how to make liquid soap, & we keep experimenting with new ideas. But making cold process bar soap is my first love, hands down.

Cutting bars of soap for curing

2) What is most enjoyable about your work?

Essential oils. They're the heart & soul of our work, kept in a special cabinet. Being derived from plants, they're almost alive - it's amazing how Bulgarian lavender essential oil smells different than Washington State lavender, for example. And in combination, essential oils mix together into an end product different than the sum of its parts. They're magical, & they have complex aromatherapeutic properties that will take a lifetime to fully understand.

The magic essential oil cabinet

3) What is your biggest challenge?

Like my fellow WIST-featured craftspeople, finding balance is difficult. For me, taking up farming was quite the stretch! I am also obsessed with growing heirloom tomatoes, canning, making pies, & 16 baby chickens will move into our calf barn in July. Since we both still have city jobs until we can afford to work full-time on the farm, this "overlap" time is challenging.

4) How are you inspired?

I make things for people; it's almost a mission. We all have a way of measuring ourselves & who we are in the world, & I think this is how I do it. I'm usually thinking of a specific person when developing a recipe or essential oil combination. An 11-year-old friend of ours gets anxiety headaches at school, & was recommended lavender essential oil to smell during stressful times. He was carrying around a little vial, & we were afraid that other kids might tease him. So we made a lavender essential oil lip balm that he could use & no one would be the wiser. My brother asked for a pumice soap that turned into Renaissance Man, & we're now developing a super-mild shampoo/liquid soap made with olive & castor oils for a woman who has terrible allergies to coconut oil. (Try to find a soap without coconut oil, & you'll appreciate the depths of her problem!) Creating things that someone else benefits from is a way of spreading good juju around the world.

Cornmeal, calendula petals & essential oils waiting to be incorporated into our Gardener's Soap

5) Apart from creating, what do you enjoy?

I garden impulsively & erratically. I adore my partner & our three dogs. I am passionate about equality issues in general - race equity in particular - & love figuring out how to connect compassionately with people around this issue.

6) What is your most cherished handmade item?

My favorite soap right now is our Lemon Chamomile. It's so deliciously smooth. We infused organic sunflower oil with chamomile & calendula so the bars are extra mild, the essential oil combination came out JUST right, & the thought of it makes me positively giddy.

7) Is there a rule you can't help but break?

i don't make products that I don't use, even though they might sell. Take, for example, facial mud masks. I'm not opposed to them, but simply lack the inspiration. Maybe it's because I wouldn't be able to tell a good one if it fell on me. That could be a bad business decision, but there it is.

8) Name one thing you could never live without!

National Public Radio connects shy types like me with reality.

9) Tell us your top five books, movies, songs/bands, &/or websites (besides Etsy!)

Any books by Louise Erdrich (especially The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse) or Toni Morrison. The both open my heart a little wider.
Music: The Be Good Tanyas, Patty Griffin, Greg Brown, Emmylou Harris, Ani Difranco
Movies: Talk to Her, The Princess Bride, The Five Senses, & recently, Seven Pounds

10) Where can we find your work?

I'm the last to embrace new technology, so we'll reluctantly get a Facebook page in a couple of years when it's passe. But folks local to us can find our products at these fine stores:

-> Whole Earth Grocery, 126 S. Main St., River Falls, WI 54022
-> River Market, 221 . Main St., Stillwater, MN
-> ECO (Environmentally Concious Options), 400 W.Superior St., Duluth, MN
-> Stone Soup Gallery, 1025 Davis St., Hammond WI
-> Prescott Greenhouse, 110 Hampshire Street, Prescott, WI

To celebrate their feature, Mirasol Farm is giving a
$20 gift certificate one lucky reader!
To enter, just visit Mirasol Farm's shop,
& post a comment about what you would love to try.
The winner will be chosen at random next Wednesday.

Bargain Hunter Special Edition: Etsy Yart Sale

Happy Yart Sale to you all!

I'm doing a special edition of the Bargain Hunter today. There is a great sale starting tomorrow on Etsy! It's called the Yart Sale and many of our WIST members are participating. The sale starts tomorrow, June 10 and runs until Sunday, June 14.

What is a Yart Sale, you ask? Well, it is a combination of the words yard and art - art sellers having the internet version of a yard sale. This is a popular type of sale in the art world - lots of artists and art museums have Yart Sales to raise funds. On Etsy it's like a neighborhood garage sale - just about everyone does it differently. Some people give across the board discounts on their merchandise, some people set up a Yart Sale section in their shop with a few designated sale items, some people give free or discounted shipping. The possibilities are endless!

Many of our WIST members are participating, so without further ado, here is a list of some of our participating shops and their YART Sale specials:

  • Little Dandelion Studios: All gift tags, cards & wash cloths are buy one get one 50% off, everything else is 10% off & orders over $25 will receive a super secret surprise!
  • And another Yart Sale section at JLW Products' Etsy store!
  • Pattibear's Place has a buy one outfit get one free sale!
  • At Jewelry Infusions and Jewelry Infusions 2, there are great 50% off resin and plexiglass jewelry Yart Sale sections!
  • At KittyGrrlz and KittyGrrlzKnits, there are awesome 20-40% off sections. Both shops are still offering free US shipping and $5 international shipping, as well!
  • Get 10% off all greeting cards or 40% off sale section items at Michellen Stamps. Free secondary shipping on all sale items, too!
  • Check out the special sale section at Apollo Hill Crafts!
  • Attic Treasures Basketry is offering 10% off any purchase during the Yart Sale!
  • At BerylBlue, receive 10% off any purchase or 25% off jewelry in the Yart Sale section! Shipping is always free within the US and Canada.
  • Browse the Yart Sale section for sale items at Liesl Designs' shop!
  • Whimsy House and Fabric House will have sale items in a Yart Sale section and other deals, too!
  • Country Soaps by Marlene has great Yart Sale specials on orders of 8 bars of soap!
  • Elegance For You has a special Yart Sale section with great sale prices on jewelry!
  • Check out the sale prices on more than 30 vintage items at Dakorah Designs!
Come and visit our shops and don't forget to YART!

Tutorial Tuesday, Design Element: Using Color, II

Would you wear black to an Asian funeral? Color choices are powerful - and can be significant. Read on to find out more!

Color is also possibly the single most powerful tool you have to design with. This entry is part two of Using Color as a Design Element. Part 1 ran on May 26.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, artists and creators may wish to consider the psychology of color - that is, how colors evoke feelings and emotions. Blues and greens are thought to have calming effects, while yellow evokes excitement. Bright colors attract attention. Warm colors (reds, with red considered 'hot') jump out, while cool colors (blues) recede, and don't yell "Look at me!" like the warms. There are also differences in how cultures view color - for example, in some Asian cultures, white signifies death and mourning, whereas in our country, we'd be more likely to wear black to a funeral.

Here is a list of specific colors and some of their associations, from

Black: self-confidence, power, strength
Blue: calming, lowers blood pressure, decreases respiration
Green: soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness
Violet: suppresses appetite, provides a peaceful environment, good for migraines
Pink: used in diet therapy as an appetite suppressant, relaxes muscles, relieves tension, soothing
Yellow: energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite
Orange: energizes, stimulates appetite and digestive system
Red: stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.....

Color Matters lists links to several articles that discuss these topics.

I like to play around with some of the interactive online and application tools to try out color. I shared the best web site, in the part 1 of this article - check it out if you haven't yet. The coolest application I found related to designing color palettes is called Color Schemer Studio. It is not free - and, upon revisiting, it is only for those using a Mac computer - sorry! It's almost always the other way around (programs are for those with Windows, not Mac.) It does have a 15 day trial that is worth downloading if you have a Mac just to play around with it. I've linked here to a very comprehensive review of the program which details how it works. Note that this and many color applications are designed for web designers, but I still find the information useful and can apply it to my work.

The feature I liked best was Photo Schemer - you can drop a photo into the application and it designs a color scheme based on the colors in the photo! To show you an example, the bracelet I am working on now (pictured here ) is based on a color scheme derived from the photo of the flower at the top of the page. (My camera did capture the bracelet colors a bit differently than they appear.)

To set up my color palette for the bracelet, I printed out the palette of colors that were pulled from the photo onto a half sheet of paper. I put that in a large zip-lock baggie so I can see it, labeled with my bracelet information - this happens to be my summer free-form peyote bracelet, one of a limited edition of which I do four per year - and then collected my beads and materials in the baggies from my stash until I have enough to start. As I work on the bracelet, I work from this baggie. I have the color palette displayed through the plastic, so as I find and think of more beads that I may want as I create, I throw them into the bag. I can keep several baggies, with color palettes displayed, handy and ready to work from.

Here is a link to another useful color site, Color, Contrast and Dimension, an interactive experience on applying color theory. If the subject of using color interests you, a web search will bring up lots more information on this topic!

"I'm a rainbow today, all the colors of the world." The Color Song, Kira Wiley

Note: this is second Tutorial Tuesday feature, scheduled to run every other week. The feature is edited (and this tutorial was written by) Mimi Frawley, proud member of the Wisconsin Street Team, "The Moo Crew" and owner of A Thousand Dreams Designs and author of a blog by the same name. Please leave comments and suggestions!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

WIST Team GIVEAWAY from Liesl Designs

~ Win a Pair of Earrings for Liesl Designs Shop ~

The giveaway will run from Today, Monday, June 8, 2009, until Friday, June 19, 2009 at Midnight CST. The winner will receive their Choice of Earrings from Liesl Design's Etsy shop!

~ To Enter ~

• Visit Liesl Designs shop and post a comment on the WIST Team blog about her shop. Also include (in the comment) a way for us to contact you (Etsy shop username or email address).

• A winner will be chosen at random - within 2 to 4 days of the contest ending. If the winner does not respond to the winning convo / email within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen.

~ Additional Information ~

• A New Giveaway will start every 2 weeks - so bookmark our blog for future chances to win.

And the Winner is...

The winner for the SnugBug Giveaway from Little Dandelion Studios is eleganceforyou!

Eleganceforyou clearly wanted to win - This is her comment "I love it!!! I hope I win!!!"

Thank You everyone for entering... A New Giveaway starts every 2 weeks... So check back soon!

SHOW and Tell MONDAY -

Julie from bohtieque contacted me recently about some new products she's started to work on. Here's what she wanted to 'Show and Tell':

I've [Julie] started working on bookmark designs, two of which I've listed today, and luggage tags, again two of which I've listed today. I've been planning this for quite some time, but getting the new designs together and getting the equipment and materials ordered have taken a little longer than expected :)

I love the bookmarks--they both have quotes about the importance of books, and are personalized. They'd be a great present for a reader.

Mid-Century Modern Bookmark

The luggage tags are bright and will definitely keep people from taking your bags...unless they're completely not paying attention ;)

Distressed Pink Argyle Luggage Tag, Bag Tag

Keen in Green Luggage Tag, ID Tag, Bag Tag

What great new items in Bohtieque! I hope you check out the rest of her fabulous shop!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And the winner is>>>

The winner for Country Soaps by Marlene's giveaway is Vickie H.! She has won her choice of 4 bars of soap. Congratulations!!

Thanks for the many great comments everyone!

Vickie H.

"I particularly love the lavendar and the patchoulli scented shower gels and lotions they're heavenly. I'm already planning my xmas list to make small baskets of your products for friends and family members."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moo Crew Feature

This week's featured member is Bobbi from Kitty Grrlz! Visit her shops & you'll be blown away by all the beautiful yarns & knit gifts! She has such a great eye for color & texture combinations.

1) Tell us about your work & what drew you to it!

I am a librarian, or was, but always needed a creative outlet. I started making jewelry in 2004, but while at a show, I learned how to knit. That was pretty much the beginning... I learned how to knit, and then, after the first time knitting with handspun yarn, started on the path to spinning my own yarn. Spinning has really "clicked" with me, and it is definitely my favorite thing to do. I still enjoy knitting, but the majority of my time is spent spinning fun, colorful yarns! Spinning is very soothing & relaxing to me (most of the time) and I love the colors and textures I get to work with.

2) What is most enjoyable about your work?

I really enjoy working with the fiber, and seeing the transformation from the roving to the finished yarn, and then into a knit item. I also love being able to work with such great colors. I think the colors and the textures are my favorite part of spinning yarn and knitting.
This is just one of my favorite yarns (that hasn't sold yet) as all of the yarns I spin are my favorite! (especially the art yarns!) Below is my all-time favorite colorway, "Plum Divine". I'll be spinning more of it soon!

3) What is your biggest challenge?

Right now, I'd say it is fighting with the pain I start to feel if I spin too much. I like to spin as much as possible, but I'm learning that my body just isn't going to let me. I have to take care of my hands! So, I need to balance my time between various aspects of my business - the administrative "stuff", online "stuff", fiber preparation, spinning, knitting, and anything else that may come up - instead of just spinning all the time, which is what I WANT to do. I also have to allow myself to take breaks now and then.

4) How are you inspired?

I'm inspired by all that is around me, as well as the way the colors and textures make me feel, think, or see. I'd say my interest in and reaction to color is what drives me most of the time.

5) Apart from creating, what else do you enjoy?

Well, since this is currently my full-time job, I have to say that it consumes me, my life, etc. But, I do have a boyfriend and a cat and I do enjoy hanging out with them. : )

6) What is your most cherished handmade item?

The very first sweater I ever knit! It was probably way beyond my knitting level at the time, but I love it, and usually wear it to shows. Here is a rather bad picture of it, taken well before I had my better camera:

7) Is there a rule you can't help but break?

I am not a "technical" spinner. I can't tell you about it in terms like "ratios" and "twists per inch", etc. I did take a class, and feel it laid the foundation for what I do, but I also just "wing it" a lot and feel that it works just fine for me. I don't think I would ever want to pursue formal training because I think it would take some of the "magic" out of it for me.

8) Name one thing you could never live without!

I hate to say it, other than the obvious of my boyfriend, family, and cat - the INTERNET! I feel completely out of touch when we occasionally have problems and lose our connection. I get rather panicky, actually, and this has only gotten worse now that so much of my business relies on it!

For my business, I also couldn't function without my spinning wheel! Without it, I would be lost.

9) Tell us your top five books, movies, songs/bands, &/or websites!

Being a librarian, I have a lot of books that I enjoy, but nothing really stands out right now. I like early 90s alt-rock (Nirvana, Hole) but enjoy all kinds of music. I have lots of TV shows I like, but I'd say Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all-time favorite. As far as websites go, I really don't spend a lot of time just surfing the web - I stick to Etsy, Flickr, Ravelry, and sometimes the show recaps on Zap2it.

10) Besides Etsy, where can your work be found?

I do have an Artfire and page, as well as my own website but the truth of the matter is my main online selling venue is Etsy.

I also have a blog, a Facebook page for my shop as well as a personal page, & a MySpace page and my yarn can be found on Ravelry.

To celebrate her feature, Bobbi is offering a $25 gift certificate to either of her shops - her knits can be found in her Kitty Grrlz Knits Shop and her hand spun yarns can be found in her Kitty Grrlz Yarn Shop. To enter, visit one of her shops & pick out your favorite item. Then, come back to post your comment telling us why you love it & how you'd use it! Bobbi will choose the winner randomly next Wednesday! Good luck everyone!

Monday, June 1, 2009


My idea for today's Show and Tell is going to be Wedding themed. Four years ago, I was married in June and I thought showing different wedding items would be fun! Hope you enjoy this monday's edition of Show and Tell!

Before that fabulous day get's here you're going to have to send out your invites. These Dandelion Address Labels, Stickers from bohtieque would look super fancy on any envelope!

Are you having trouble deciding on the perfect makeup for your big day? PinkQuartzMinerals have the solution for you! Let PinkQuartzMinerals know your skin tone (light, med or dark) and she will send out samples first to try, you let her know which one works and then she'll send your wide jar sized foundation! Easy! You will get 1 wide 25 gram container of your choice of colors mineral makeup, this holds 5 grams of foundation! Make sure to browse through PinkQuartzMinerals for other fabulous makeup for your special day - everything in her shop is 100% vegan!

I had short hair at my high school prom and long hair at my wedding. I insisted on having 'prom hair' for my wedding. It was big, curled and up and of course it had a beautiful comb like this one from Saralibbey. This beautiful comb is loaded with pearls and swarovski crystals...and I was all about the bling for my would have been perfect! Make sure to look at all the other fabulous things Saralibbey has in her shop that are great for the wedding you are in or the weddign you have to attend!

Hand out these READY TO BLOOM Tissue Cozies from Nelly23 with your wedding programs! Your guests will thank you when they realize they've forgotten their tissue's! Come in multiple colors!
One of the most important things for me at my wedding were the flowers. They had to be gorgeous, beautiful, big and calla lilies had to be included. This beautiful French beaded pink calla lily would have looked fabulous mixed into my wedding bouquet...just something a little different that would really catch the guests' eye. BeadFloraJewels made thsi with the French technique of making beaded flowers using quality beads and fine craftsmanship.

Are you looking for fabulous, unique jewelry for your bridesmaid's? And something they will be able more than just one time! I definately recommend taking a peak in WhimsyHouse's Shop...this Eternal Daisy Chain - Link Bracelet with Vintage Details is just gorgeous and your bridesmaid's will love you for it!

Are you like me this summer and have FOUR weddings to attend? Are you also like me and hate purchasing from the registry? (don't get me wrong...I love everything I got from my own registry...but I love to figure out just the thing that a couple is going to love and cherish forever). Once solution is to buy the happy couple a gorgeous handmade quilt that they will be able to cuddle up together under. KimsCraftyApple has quite a few of these for sale in her of these would be Springtime Wonder. The picture does not do this quilt justice. This gorgeous scrappy quilt is one of my all time favorites! A mixture of twenty different 70’s-esque fabrics makes up this quilt. The random off-kilter rectangular pattern creates such a unique look. Since she is from Wisconsin, warm and cozy flannel backs the quilt. The quilt is approximately 74” x 61”….perfect to snuggle up in!
These adorable, whimiscal "Make Lemonade Card Set" would make perfect Thank You's, Save the Dates, or even to send out the itenerary for the wedding party in. They are from fellow Wisconsinite StubbornDog who will be moving to Idaho in just a few weeks. This talented artist will definately be missed in Wonderful Wisconsin but I'm sure Idaho-ian's will welcome them open arms and with bags of potato's!

Check out the team wisconsin listings for many more fun items!