Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: Reflection of Self

Hi. I'm Darlene. I will be writing weekly on a different merchandising theme. This week I was thinking a little bit about self reflection. We all need to take it easy and slow down and pamper ourselves a little.

The other day I was looking for the perfect necklace to wear. Did you know that peridot is thought to bring the wearer good luck, peace, and success? Its powers are said to include health, protection, and sleep.

I decided to put on this necklace and head out to the library for a book - my favorite way to relax!

But before I headed out to the library I grabbed my coffee lover's tote bag. What an appropriate bag for a day of self rejuvenation! Nothing wrong with indulging in a little cup of Joe.

I found the perfect book at the library and promptly put in one of these leaflet crocheted bookmarks.

Then to end my day of self reflection, I curled up at home with my book and my cozy butterfly comforter.

Want to have your own day of self reflection? Look for great products from Wisconsin Artists to help you with that!

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