Monday, January 25, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – the Final T’s!

I have to do a warning before I get too far into this posting.  My sinuses are going nuts so I am writing this on cold medication – it may not all make sense.  I apologize but I refuse to spend my ‘child-free’ day in bed. 

We will be starting today’s journey somewhere between Madison and Milwaukee at Three Fates Design.

il_430xN.70155658 Autism Puzzle Cuff

From her Profile:

Three Fates Design has long been a dream of mine, but has only been able to become a reality within the last year.
Growing up in a household of artists, I struggled to find my medium, my passion. I tried everything, and then tried it again. Then early on in high school, my mother (who is an exceptional artist) bought me some beads and some string. I was immediately hooked. I wanted more and more beads. I wanted to push my designs further and further. I soon began stitching, not just stringing the beads.
Then college came and my passion was put on hold. I rarely had enough free time between classes, let alone enough money to buy supplies. Finally, I graduated with my degree in Biology, but then real life set in and it was time for a job. And let me tell you, research takes a lot out of you. I finally had the money to afford supplies, but still had no free time to bead. My beads were pushed further back on the burner.
But recently I accepted a job with a medical college. This position finally gave me the free time at home I so desperately needed. So after years of “you should really sell this stuff” comments, and some encouragement from my loving boyfriend, I have finally started hawking my wears.
I take great pride in the work I do. If you see anything you like, but would like it in a different color or maybe have a great idea of your own, let me know. I'd be more then happy to make something completely unique for you.

Our next stop will be in Oshkosh at Tizzy Dee’s.

il_430xN.113992338 Cookie Monster Inspired Hat

I am a stay-a-home mom who has a serious obsession with Etsy! I love looking at interesting shops, discovering new ways to promote my shop, and connecting with local Etsy sellers and purchasers.
I started crocheting almost a year ago and have not been able to quit the habit since!
I love making children's hats. Many of my hats find their inspiration in beloved Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch. I also hope to expand into other character inspirations from well-loved books. Have an idea? Let me know!
My other big inspiration is Ethiopia, my daughter's birth country. Right now, I am working on incorporating more items using the Ethiopian colors (green, yellow and red), but may expand my offerings after we travel to Ethiopia again in the next year. Any fellow Ethiopia-lovers out there have any requests? Let me know!

Our final stop this Monday will be at tretre.

il_430xN.100631953circles circles circles 


Hi there!
I am Tracy-
art lover
love all the natural things
music fanatic
neat nic'
WIST-Wisconsin Artisan's Etsy!
love to read!!

I hope you all stop by next week – it looks like we’ll be looking into some U and W shops!  Wow!  I can’t believe we’re already near the end!


Courtney and Paul said...

Thanks for including me and my Cookie Monster hat! Love this blog and the Wisconsin Street Team!

Lisa Ferin Designs said...

the cookie monster hat and its model are both adorable!!

Courtney and Paul said...

Thanks Lisa!!