Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Member Feature: BailyBelle Creations

For this week's Member Feature, we visit BailyBelle Creations, an imaginative jeweler, photographer and all around multi-crafter. BailyBelle writes, " I often think back to when I had a studio set up for myself atop an old dresser in my parents basement. I would work there with a hot glue gun, beads and earring posts; along with puffy paints and anything sparkly! That was many years ago and since having my own beautiful babies and being lucky enough to stay home with them I have returned to my jewelry making hobby. Thankfully, I have progressed from glue guns and puffy paint!"

BailyBelle says art arts allow her to "create beautiful things that others enjoy giving and receiving. I love it when I see someone wearing one of my pieces. Working with my hands also gives me great joy and hammering jewelry is a great way to relieve stress!"

Finding the time to be creative is definitely her biggest challenge. " I have two little ones here at home and they are my main priority!" Her shop logo says her items are created by 'imagination,' and she says, "My inspiration comes mainly from nature and life in general. I'm an Aquarius and love the ocean so naturally shades of purple, turquoise and green are my favorites!" I can definitely see those themes in her Etsy shop.

When asked to talk about her passions, she answers, "I am passionate about my family! My 2 yr old son had a stroke at birth so I am extremely passionate about raising awareness for Pediatric Stroke. I am a member of the Pediatric Stroke Network and donate 10% of the sales of my awareness jewelry to them. We also have a day every year in May where we help to raise awareness in our individual communities. Yes, children and babies have strokes."

Finding time to try new things is another challenge. BailyBelle says that some things she's always wanted to try, but hasn't yet, are the tumbler and soldering tools she received for Christmas. She is still waiting to use them!

BailyBelle says one of her most treasured hand made items is," Probably my Purple Turquoise Wire Wrapped Ring." It was one of the first rings she ever listed on Etsy and it sold the same day she listed it! "I loved it so much," she said, "and was sad/happy to see it go!" I know the feeling.

We asked, "Is there anything you can't live without?" The answer: "My family. Oh, and coffee!"

BailyBelle's Jewelry can be found on Etsy at Her other shops are photography at, and vintage:

She says people also buy from her locally, and that one of her goals for 2010 is to get her work into local shops. She recently had a show at a Starbucks for the month of January! Photo of the show is pictured to right.

Specials at BailyBelle's Etsy shop this month include FREE SHIPPING in her jewelry shop through February to celebrate her birthday!! There is also an anti-valentine giveaway for $15 to her jewelry shop happening here:

Also check out the Buy one, Get one FREE (excluding canvas prints) in photography shop until February 14th

BailyBelle also invites you to follow her on facebook, twitter and her blog for surprise sales and giveaways!

BLOG FEATURE GIVEAWAY: This is special, readers! You have the chance to win one of BailyBelle's Apple Blossom Necklaces - it's perfect for spring and aren't we all. as, BailyBelle says, "done with this winter weather :)" A picture of the necklace appears at the top of this post. So.... visit BailyBelle Creation's Etsy Shop between now and next Tuesday, February 16. Browse, then come back here and leave a comment about a favorite item. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. We have had past 'winners' who were not announced because they forgot to do this. The winner is randomly drawn and will be announced in this blog on Wednesday, February 17.

Good Luck, and thanks for joining us at the Moo Crew Blog today. If you have other comments or suggestions for our feature, please feel free to leave those comments as well.


BailyBelle Creations said...

What a wonderful feature! Thank you so much. I can't wait to see who wins the necklace :)

Cabootique said...

Awesome feature. Beautiful items...I really like Be Mine Valentine Bracelet.


Darlene of Gamiami said...

It was nice to hear your story. I was touched to hear about your son having a stroke at birth. My nephew suffered a brain injury at birth (not a stroke). And my dad had a stroke when I was in high school. So, I know the suffering that can come from a brain injury and the miracles that can come out of it too! I love, love your rings. I will keep you in mind next time I feel like getting a little something for myself. - Darlene of -

Heather Kent's Art said...

What a nice feature! Vanessa is such a talented, sweet artist and I am honored to know her :)

Jen said...

Great Feature!
Your items are lovely!

It's a toss up for me...I really love the 'be mine valentine' bracelet, and the 'turquoise wheels' necklace


lainierupp said...

Awesome feature! I LOVE learning more about fellow Etsians and their craft. Thank you for raising awareness about strokes in little ones. I didn't know about it. I LOVE your Be Mine Valentine Bracelet....soooo cute!

Elaine from Luv2Dzin