Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: Color trends – red, turquoise, navy, white

Today we are going to explore color. Red, turquoise, navy, and white. It is as simple as that. Get ready, it is going to be a colorful trip around Wisconsin.

red1 arm warmer from thepainteddaisy hair pin from MidwestBeauties earrings from Luv2Dzin earrings from JewelryByBjeweled pin cushion from MidwestBeauties necklace from nineteenthirteen pillow cover from thepainteddaisy


tote from ApolloHillsCrafts thank you notes from manvsgeorge scarf from idlewylde napkin rings from beadlolabead goat milk soap from SpringvaleSoap get well card from manvsgeorge bracelet from jamjam216 get well card from manvsgeorge


bracelet from HRBeaDesign earrings from amyspishposh birthday card from manvsgeorge ring from WhimsyHouse wristlet from thepainteddaisy brooch from WhimsyHouse necklace from HRBeaDesign necklace from WhimsyHouse baby shower invitations from manvsgeorge


skirt from thepainteddaisy clip line from LittleDande button from BlueEyedRoses necklace from Luv2Dzin necklace from davisjewels bracelet and earrings from LittleDande eye shadow from pinkquartzminerals nook sleeve from gamiami


wedding invitations from manvsgeorge necklace from davisjewels pillow covers from thepainteddaisy necklace from Cabootique necklace from jamjam216 clips from LittleDande earrings from Cabootique bracelet from Luv2Dzin


bracelet from Luv2Dzin ring from Cabootique scarf from Idlewylde earrings from amyspishposh typewriter from thefancytail bracelet from HRBeaDesign ring from beadlolabead necklace from HRBeaDesign


playsuit from thefancytail necklace from LisaFerinDesigns necklace from davisjewels quilt from ApolloHillsCrafts birthday card from manvsgeorge earrings form Luv2Dzin ring from WhimsyHouse soap from countrysoupsbymarlen bracelet from davisjewels skirt from thepainteddaisy


ring from TheApple book thongs from gamiami earrings from ZenithJade earrings from Cabootique face scrubbies from Idlewylde nook sleeve from gamiami necklace from jennyhoople brooch from thepainteddaisy ring from Cabootique necklace from Cabootique earrings from amyspishposh

Red, turquoise, navy, white. What a beautiful collection from Team WIST!


Lisa F. said...

I love how you organized all these great items!

Jen said...

This looks great!

Molly said...

Lovely! How fabulous!

Mary said...

Great job on this collection!

Cabootique said...

Beautiful layout and beautiful items!

Judi said...

Very, very nice selection! Thank you for including two of my items!

manvsgeorge said...

I agree with all the props on the fantastic job you did arranging this collection! Looks great -- and quite a fun way to go shopping! :-)

Rachael B. Winkley said...

Fabulous job as always, Darlene - such a wonderful display of the talent in the dairyland! Goo Moo Crew!

Xanthe said...

great color pics!

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

wow! You did a great job with this! I love how you arranged the items!