Monday, February 8, 2010

Show And Tell Monday – The End of the Alphabet

No worries…just because I’m at the end of the alphabet does not mean I’m done with Show and Tell.  I still have to go back and get the ‘new’ shops to team wist that I didn’t get the first go around.  Then, I have to come up with a new idea for Show and Tell Monday.  If you’re on the wist team and you have any projects you would like me to ‘show and tell’ about please let me know!

We will begin today’s journey in Viroqua, WI, with WingedWomanArt

il_430xN.79477142 In the Garden greeting card


My interests include Sculpting, Jewelry-making, Drawing, Photography, Reading, Writing, Hiking, Biking, Gardening & Herbology, Mineralogy, Watching Movies, Yoga, Drawing on the pavement with sidewalk chalk, Humming loudly and out of tune with the radio, Playing with my dogs, Cat Naps on the deck and Sleeping under the Stars.

Next stop is at Yomeow, in Milwaukee, WI.

il_430xN.81419025 Neptune Pendant


I have been creating since as long as I can remember. I enjoy sewing projects, jewelry making, and miniatures.

Our final stop on today’s journey will be in in West Salem, WI with ZenithJade.

il_430xN.117741755Peridot Dangle Earrings 


I was published in "Rubbish" by Kate Shoup for my recycled stamp brooches. Woot! Here's a link to the book on .
My cats and I craft obsessively on a daily basis. Whether it's editing photography, or making some swanky new earrings, there's always something new to enjoy in my shop!
♥ Spreading the crafting & photography love ♥

See you next Monday!

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