Monday, February 15, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – Newer Members

Since I made it through the alphabet I am now going to journey back and try to pick up our ‘new’ additions.  It would help me greatly if you would let me know if you haven’t been featured yet, but I will do my best to snag everyone.

Alright.  Time to get started.  We’ll start this week in Milwaukee, WI with anndsart

il_430xN.121437760ABC’s Block Picture Frame 


Hi my name is Ann. I love creating items that are different and unique. I make pieces that I would be proud to have in my home.
Most of my art is combined with the use of tiles, stained glass, found objects, and graphics from books & magazines. I also enjoy working with buttons!

Next we move onto Aunt Batty’s Closet.



Welcome to my Etsy destash shop! Aunt Batty is one of my alter egos. She has been a creative, eccentric soul most of her life.
We spend the first half of adulthood acquiring things we love and the second half of adulthood getting rid of things. Aunt Batty is a visionary, she sees potential in all manner of things. Also, aspiring to become old someday herself, she has developed a fondness for vintage things. Well, having to admit her mortality, she just cannot use/create with all the interesting goodies she's acquired along her journey. Time to lighten the load a ton or two. I've loved embroidery, sewing, knitting, crocheting, stained glass, lampworked beads, and jewelry design - my current profession. Check out my other Etsy shop,
I've also collected a lot of things, art pottery, china, prints, vintage hats, and goodness knows what that can make a house a quirky home. Enjoy shopping, and I hope you fill your home to the creative brim!
Aunt Batty
P.S. While glassgoddessjewelry is under "remodeling", I've listed some of my jewelry designs here. Aunt Batty's Closet is new, but you can check out my feedback at my other store. My delightful customers have been so kind in their compliments, so please shop here with confidence.

And last, but not least, we’ll visit with Jenny Hoople from Authentic Arts in Beloit, WI.

il_430xN.122818290 Spectrum Green earrings - Sterling silver and semiprecious stones.

PROFILE:  Bienvenidos! I grew up on a farm, graduated from college with a bachelor of arts in fine arts and now I work part-time on an organic farm and in a library.
My life ethic is one of authenticity, because a more authentic life is a more meaningful one, and, for me, an authentic life is a handmade one.
My good friend has told for years that I should sell some of the crafts that I am compelled to make. When I started making this jewelry and couldn't stop, I figured I'd better start selling them! The best part is, I grew the grey Job's Tears beads right in my own backyard!
I choose knotted silk because I like its history, it's more romantic! I choose "natural" materials (stone, bone, wood, shell, silk) because even when altered by human hands and arranged and strung by them, the beauty of the processes that formed them breaks through and dazzles me. Really, this jewelry is so wonderful because it's so much more meaningful than something that was mass-produced. Everything is designed and crafted by yours truly from start to finish.

See you next week!

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