Monday, February 22, 2010

Show and Tell Monday - PIG RACES!

Last weekend I participated in the Valentine Craftacular at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI.   It was SPECTACULAR – as a seller and as a shopper.  Just before everyone started picking up I managed to make a quick run to snag a few items I’d been eyeing the entire day – one of those being two really big, and really adorable pigs!  I thought they’d be the perfect Valentine Gift for the girls and keep them happy as I was picking up my booth.  These adorable pigs were made by Christina Ward Creatures.  They are super cute and super durable!  The perfect prop for PIG RACES! 

If you would like to read an interview with the artist…click HERE.

001 Here the girls are getting there pigs to the starting line.002 Capri has a few issues… 004 …but don’t worry…she figures it out…005 Here they are.  Waiting for the start.  don’t worry…the outlet has child proof covers on it…006 And they’re off!007 Capri has a bit of rocky start.008 Still trying to figure out exactly how to sit on the pig and move at the same time.009 Cedi kept wanting her picture taken and then to ‘see’ it (she’s figured out you can preview on the camera).  I had to assure her that I would show her once the race was over.010 Capri has figured out a new strategy for riding her pig…011  013 Cedi has found her rhythm (she literally jumps up to move forward each time – oh and I know – her hair rocks!) and is moving quickly around the track.015Capri loses her balance…014Cedi has taken a clear lead.  016 Capri has switched strategies all together.  She has abandoned her pig and has decided to run the rest of the way.


And we have our winner… a proud Mercedi Rose Lapacek!

The girls LOVE their pigs.  They have raced with them everyday since we’ve brought them home.  And even though the last thing we needed were more stuffed animals – these were definitely worth it. 

If you’ve decided you need one of these pigs, or your child does, or someone you know child’s does…check out

And her etsy shop is:

She has a HUGE selection of SUPER CUTE animals to choose from!