Monday, March 8, 2010

Member Feature: A Visit with HRBeaDesign

This week Member Feature visits with Heather, of HRBeaDesigns, an Etsy shop featuring an eclectic, earthy mix of precious metals, beads, chains and stones. Heather says that metals have always interested her and that she has always enjoyed making things. "The kumihimo bead work I learned after becoming intrigued by some jewelry," she says, and explains, " I saw it at a craft show a few summers back." Kumihimo is a method of braiding developed in Japan. The literal translation means, "coming together (kumi) of threads (himo). (Information from See an example in the photo of one of HRBeaDesign's, pictured at right. Heather says her work is, " so fun I don’t notice the time going by!" "Plus, I get to play with fire, " she adds.

Heather says her inspiration comes from color, line, texture, an image in nature or the person she's making something for. Her greatest challenge? "Learning all the skills I want to learn. Fitting it all into the day." She says that she teaches her students to plan ahead, but that she herself often finds herself breaking that rule. Especially when working with metals, she finds it best to just go with the flow!

We all have things we can't live without. For Heather, those are her family, books, wine and laughter. She also loves food and the outdoors. Her lists of tops includes David Bowie, Joan Armatrading, Jane Austin's Emma and the movie A Room with a View. She has always wanted to learn Spanish. Heather could not choose just one favorite handmade item. "This is a tough one," she said. "The quilt my aunt made from may daughter when she was born, the coffee table my brother made in MS that we use in our dining room, the painting of the ocean that my mom did in watercolors....." I have the feeling she could go on!

In addition to her Etsy store, HRBeadDesign can be found at the Surrey Art House in Delafield, WI and on Facebook. HRBeaDesigns donated two necklaces to Stepping Stones Auction to be held on March 20th and is a fundraiser for Madison Country Day School.

Now, for the Member Feature Blog Giveaway. A lucky reader can win a kumihimo bracelet of the winner's choice (excluding the sterling silver). A random drawing will be held from the names of those who visit HRBeaDesign, and come back to this blog to leave a comment telling Heather which of her pieces is your favorite. Please do leave your email address with your comment so you can be notified if you are the winner. The winner is drawn on Tuesday, March 16, and will be announced in this blog on March 17. Good luck and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


Jenny Goldsmith said...

What a beautiful shop. I love your Bold Red Kumihimo Bracelet and the Triple Bauble Crystal Necklace. So pretty!

Bev said...

Those bracelets are SO beautiful! One of these days I will find time to learn that technique! I love the chocolate mud pie bracelet! and such a cute toggle!