Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: The Environment

International Earth Day and Earth Hour are both celebrated in March. Today we will explore Wisconsin Etsy stores that recycle, upcycle, reclaim, and reuse environmentally friendly materials.

Picture1 flower brooch made from a recycled sweater pendant made from two vintage buttons dryer sachets – an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets all from WhimsyHouse


repurposed chandelier choker necklace made from repurposed beads recycled silver plated necklace all from MoiraCoon Picture3

reusable coffee cozies from marymule Picture4

invitations printed on 100% recycled paper from rethinkink card set made from 100% tree free paper from LittleDande Picture5

upcycled soap made from left over soap trimmings from mirasolfarm Picture6

tote made from an apron recycled sweater pillow skirt made from vintage fabric a recycled and reconstructed sweater arm warmers made from sweaters all from thepainteddaisy


cocktail ring made from vintage button and clip on earring upcycled stand potholders made from t-shirts upcycled stand all from MidwestBeauties


ring made from old electrical wiring from bailybellecreations necklace made from vintage button from nineteenthirteen love pendant made from dictionary page from nineteenthirteen necklace made from an old bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled


coasters made from Self Magazine from rubbishremade pillow made from a children’s quilt from thepainteddaisy men’s toiletry bag upcycled from a shirt from marymule


crocheted flowers made with eco-friendly bamboo thread acorn book thongs made from bamboo thread and paper beads note cards made from an old copy of War and Peace nook sleeve made from recycled bottle felt and bamboo thread all from gamiami

I hope you enjoyed seeing such a great range of products that were upcycled or recycled or repurposed or made from earth friendly materials.

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Jen said...

What a great post! It's awesome to see so many of us team members using recycled materials!

Go Team WIST!!!