Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: Gardening

Spring is coming! Doesn’t it make you excited to get outside and get your hands dirty. Spring is the time for sprouting, planting, and nourishing the ground. Let’s explore the theme of gardening in Wisconsin Etsy stores.

Picture1 gardener’s lotion from mirasolfarm scrubby soap from SpringvaleSoap gardener’s soap from mirasolfarm


think spring card from PerfectPaperShop recipe cards from rethinkink Picture3

market basket from LittleDande botanical tote from ApolloHillsCrafts large market basket from LittleDande Picture4

bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled bracelet and earrings from LittleDande bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled necklace from HRBeaDesign Picture5

necklace from JewelryByBjeweled necklace from JewelryByBjeweled earrings from JewelryByBjeweled Picture6 necklace from HRBeaDesign bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled bracelet from LittleDande necklace from HRBeaDesign


Heather said...

Beautiful work as always, Darlene!

The Sitting Tree said...

Beautiful creations! I can't wait to get out in the garden:)