Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: Spring Fashion

Spring is upon us! (Even though it snowed yesterday…we won’t think about that.) Today’s post will highlight some great spring fashion trends – from jewelry to bags.


bracelet from LittleDande necklace from MidwestBeauties posie pin from LittleDande


earrings from Cabootique necklace from jennyhoople earrings from Cabootique


purse from marymule brooch from moiracoonredux earrings from jennyhoople bobby pins from Daisymaysipes


bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled bracelet from HRBeaDesign bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled necklace from jennyhoople


earrings from nineteenthirteen earrings from Cabootique barrette from MidwestBeauties


necklace from MidwestBeauties earrings from amyspishposh necklace from HRBeaDesign necklace from HRBeaDesign


bracelet from HRBeaDesign necklace from MidwestBeauties paper beads from gamiami earrings from HRBeaDesign bracelet from HRBeaDesign earrings from amyspishposh necklace from HRBeaDesign


paper beads from gamiami flower appliqués from gamiami earrings and necklace from JewelryByBjeweled bracelet from JewelryByBjeweled


necklace from MoiraCoon ring from MidwestBeauties necklace from HRBeaDesign


purse from ApolloHillsCrafts flower clip from Daisymaysipes hair clip from Daisymaysipes hair clip from Daisymaysipes hair pins from MidwestBeauties

Find more spring items from Wisconsin artists on Etsy!


Amy said...

beautiful! AND the snow already melted - whoo hoo!!

Jen said... springy!

I posted it on the WIST facebook page! :)

Jacaranda Designs said...

Spring is definitely in the air. Makes me want to put away all my winter clothes and pull out some pastels!

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