Monday, March 1, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – Fun Dresses!

After spending months drooling over all the cute dresses in AlltheNumbers shop I finally went for it and bought my girls a treat (maybe more so for mommy…).  I got ‘Free to Be You and Me’ for Cedi and the Seersucker Bloom Peasant Dress for Capri.070 071  Cedi had to put her dress on IMMEDIATELY after I took it out of the envelope.  It took me a good while to convince her that it was not pajama’s to wear to bed, but as soon as she got up, on it went again!074  076Capri playing ‘peek’ from her cupboard in the commercial kitchen. 077Isn’t that flower just gorgeous!? 078Cedi is my little ‘model’.   079 The dresses were more gorgeous than I could have wished and they are made really well.  I just love the camper patch on Cedi’s dress and the flower patch on Capri’s is perfect!080     085Of course, when I get my girls’ some nice clothes…Papa brings out the raspberries!  Ahhh!   086         Luckily, Grandma Van was visiting and helped me get the stains out!

Check out Kiki’s other shop ‘The Measure’ for more cute outfits or if you’re interested in wholesale!

I would love to see some of the dresses you’ve purchased from fellow etsians!


Darlene of Gamiami said...

Love the dresses. I've seen such adorable little girl dresses on Etsy. My daughter is only 8 months old, but I see a future of many cute dresses to come. :)

Cabootique said...

Adorable girls and adorable dresses!

Julie at Perfect Paper Shop said...

Great way to kick off spring!