Monday, March 29, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – Meet Alchemy the Traveling Meerkat


I’m going to veer off my typical post of Show and Tell Monday and ‘Show and Tell’ everyone about an exciting “event” that I’m a part of. 

I joined the etsy treasury team (etteam) back in 2009 and it’s been nothing but fun ever since.   When I first heard about NiftyKnits plan to send two of her adorable meerkats on a trip around the world to visit various etteam teammates I signed up immediately.  After months of waiting – Alchemy finally arrived in my mailbox on Friday afternoon.  If you want to read about  her arrival or her trip to Packerland just check out my blog.  I have decided to share with you Alchemy’s experience helping me make a quilt!

Enough with the apple orchard and the traveling – Alchemy was ready to try out quilting!  I’d have to say she did a pretty good job. 003   Here she is getting acquainted with my new baby – a Pfaff.  My real baby, the Janome is in the shop for maintenance but I’ve been really happy with my Pfaff as my ‘second-in-line’ machine.004 Now that she’s figured out the basics she was ready to start sewing.  I thought we’d start with something fairly simple with a great end effect – a tumbler quilt with the die-cut blocks I purchased from Fabric Ala Carte on etsy.  005 Alchemy is admiring my “new” vintage Sunbeam Ironmaster Iron that I recently purchased from bythewayside.   They just don’t make irons like they used to.006 With very little effort (other than lifting the iron) Alchemy was able to iron a perfect seam.007 And as you can see, in no time, Alchemy had the quilt top all pieced together.  Now I just have to send it off to my Aunt of to do the long-arm quilting. 


Cedi and Capri are absolutely having there new friend around to play with!

To keep up with Alchemy’s travels you can follow along on facebook here:

or on NiftyKnits blog here:

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Lisa F. said...

What a fun idea! That meerkat is adorable!!