Monday, April 26, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – Another E and F

Our first stop will be in Waukesha at Eclectic Wendy Designs

wendy Spring Tree Pendant - EWD Sterling Silver


I am a self representing glass and jewelry artist currently living outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (by way of Montana, Idaho, Indiana, and New York). I've lived a lot and seen a lot in my short, thirty-something years, all of which finds its way out of my head and into my designs. I work with lampwork glass and handforged sterling sliver, striving to create wearable pieces of art that I hope will become your favorite everyday items.
My work has recently shied away from glass, as I have been focusing on combining pierced and stamped sterling silver pieces into meaningful designs. While I miss my glass torch terribly, the pieces I have created in the last year have so much meaning to me personally and to those who have taken them home that I have filled my glass-void with so much more than I could have imagined.
As always, thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me and my work and thank you for taking my little bits of treasure into your lives and loving them as much as I do!

Our second and last stop on today’s little trip will be in Wausau at FunkyFindzonline.

funky Vintage GENUINE ABALONE and glitter Lucite trivett plate made in California

A little background:

MAKE ME AN OFFER SALE.After closing my Boutique/Gallery in 09, plans to relocate/consolidate were abandoned in favor of pursing on on line venue with ETSY & ARTFIRE to sell my merchandise. I put everything into smoke free storage and began the laborious task of listing.I home school my two daughters right now and work from home on my on line stores/blogs. I did not liquidate my invevory when I closed and as a result I have THOUSTANDS of quality vintage items for sale. 100's of gowns,dresses,hats furs, beautiful costume jewelry and accessories for sale.
I need to liquidate a good portion of my inventory to make space in my life. I believed that the storage in my three on home site garages would be temporary, therefore EVERYTHING FOR SALE IS SUBJECT TO make me an offer. How to do this: Just click on the link from the page of the item that you are interested in.the links are under the profile picture of our lady in blue! There are three links SHOP PROFILE CONTACT (click contact ) if you do not have a free etsy account, create one, then write to me Catherine, what you think is fair and in your budget. When we come to an agreement I will change the listing price and then you can purchase the item. I will only hold our agreed price however for 24 hours.

My store was Voted Wausau Wisconsin's Best "Favorite little Corner of Weirdness" in 2008 which was a real achievement for me and I thank Wausau for their support. I know that my store is missed and I too miss the happy venue that was created. Now I am hard at work to bring my items of quality and fair pricing to a larger audience.

Stop by next week to meet any new shop in the G’s or maybe H’s…

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