Monday, April 12, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – Another Visit in the C’s

WE have  quite a few ‘new’ C-shops to Team Wist since I first blogged about them in July.  Today’s joureny will start with Cabootique.

il_430xN.131042110 Purple Faux Pearl Handmade Earrings


My name's Cary and I've recently been introduced to the Etsy world after receiving some lovely things as gifts - then I got the desire to make my own!
I love making jewelry and painting (hope to put some paintings in the shop soon) and I've also been known to sew up some felt creatures from time to time.

Our next stop is at ComfyCreations.

il_430xN.109136338 Keyboard Wrist Support Set Buckwheat Flaxseed and Rice Lavender Scented designer Amy Butler's Clay Geisha Fans Fabric


To know a little about me is that I am a Wisconsin licensed massage therapist and Oriental Body Worker of my own private practice for over 10 years.
I created my therapy moist heat products several years ago and they are found to help reduce the effects of chronic pain due to daily stress, strain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and can be used on the neck, back, and shoulders.
When creating the name for my shop of ComfyCreations I chose this name because my ideas for my products are always based on comfort and relaxation. Each product is labeled with the ComfyCreations trademarked company logo.
How I chose my ingredients;
To me, it is not about the cost of the ingredients but the effectiveness. This is why I have chosen a combination of ingredients.
Long grain white rice is found to be the most effective for creating moist heat that is needed in order to deeply penetrate the muscles allowing pain relief.
Flaxseed and it's high concentration of oil is known for it's ability to retain heat for a length of time.
Together these two ingredients bring the full therapeutic benefits of moist heat and retained heat to my therapy products.
Aromatherapy is defined as the aromatic therapeutic us of plant extracts from flowers and herbs to promote health and well-being. The scent of lavender calms the mind, eases stress and tension and relaxes the body. Lavender is my first choice for aromatic benefits to my products.
As a member of the NFA National Fibromyalgia Association I am compelled to include the link below about it's symptoms, causes and treatments.
My goal is to reach more people and extend my desire as a therapist to heal and promote wellness with my therapy products.

We will continue or journey through Wisconsin and stop at CraftyPigeon in Racine.

il_430xN.94706458Sunshine Cowl 


I love pretty much everything crafty, but my favorite is crocheting. Most of the things you'll find in my shop will probably be crocheted accessories (like hats, scarves, bags, etc.), but you may find other things when I do decide to try my hand at something else.
I also enjoy knitting, sewing, painting, making jewelry, and I love trying new things.

The last stop on today’s journey is in Tremealeau, WI, at CreativeMind.

il_430xN.131936759 Set of Four Catnip Toys for Hours of Feline Fun


Thank you for browsing my shop! I have been creating since a very young age, thanks to an indulgent and crafty mother. I like to try a bit of everything, from knitting to weaving to basketry, to who knows what's next! To me, craft is like a puzzle, starting out with random pieces and putting them together in just such a way to make a complete, beautiful piece. Most of my pieces will be functional as well as beautiful. Items in my shop will change over time, because I generally like to make whatever catches my fancy, and not try to mass produce a particular item. I hope you like the unique variety!

I hope you enjoyed this portion of our journey through Wisconsin’s Etsy World.  Stop by next week to see some more fun “Show and Tell".”


The Sitting Tree said...

If my cat wasn't such a lazy bum, she'd love these!

Cabootique said...

Thanks for the feature!

Sea Glass Treasures said...

I have an Etsy shop called seaglassin and I would like to join the Wisconsin Street Team. How do I do that?

Gwendolyn's Design Blog said...

Great shops and all here in WI... favored them in my ETSY Shop to stop back latter & see whatelse they are up to!