Monday, April 5, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – More B’s!

WoW!  We have a lot of new members since I started the alphabet ‘Show and Tell’ Feature last year.  Here are some more fabulous B shops in Wisconsin on etsy.

We’re starting today’s journey in historical Janesville, WI, with Blue Sage Hats

il_430xN.115297412Gray Turban Hat 


I was brought up learning to draw, paint, pot, bead, knit, and sew. As an adult I have worked as a picture framer, graphic designer, art teacher, life drawing coordinator and illustrator.
These days, in addition to doing my art/craft I bake muffins, nurture a prolific organic vegetable garden, preserve food, shovel a lot of Wisconsin snow, do a bit of yoga, sing around the house, make some really bad puns, and grow a few orchids for fun.

Now we’ll head on over to Waterford, WI and visit Brenda’s Beads.

il_430xN.112405494Tumbled Pottery and Fiber Necklace 


I have been a crafter most of my life. In the last several years I have been learning and developing my skills as a jewelry designer. I love nature and try to incorporate nature in my pieces. I enjoy using multimedia materials such ac PMC Clay, Sea Glass, Polymer Clay, Resin, Fibers and Wire. 

I enjoy creating all my pieces and hope everyone enjoys wearing them just as much.


We’ll end our journey today in Waukesha, WI with bjeweled.




I am a self-taught jewelry artisan. I have a background in management and customer service. My jewelry designs of stones, pearls, and beads are inspired by the natural beauty in and around my home in Waukesha, WI. I divide my time between creating jewelry, doing craft shows, caring for my 1200 square foot garden, husband and two children ages 15 years and 20 months (yes, you read that correctly)! I don't know about you, but I'm tired just from reading all that! ^_^


Stop by next week to see where our journey takes us!


Katherine said...

Love the pendant on the fiber necklace. Very crafty!

The Sitting Tree said...

Fantastic shape on the gray hat!