Monday, April 19, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – What’s New with the D’s?

Our last stop in the land Wisconsin D shops was back in August – this letter of the alphabet has definitely grown since then!

We’re starting today’s journey in the state’s Capitol – Madison, WI, with DaisyPetalDesigns.

il_430xN.116238896 Garden Blush Headband

I am creating artisan designed hair accessories and jewelry in the hopes of adding a little something pretty to everyday.

Next we’re heading to Daisymaysipes just a little ways away from Madison in Cross Plains.

il_430xN.125884819 Viola Flower Clip


Welcome to Daisymaysipes!
The name of the shop comes from my dog, Daisy. Or sometime Daisymay. The poor girl has so many nicknames! Daisy is my rescue dog that I got when I was living in MO. She went through a lot but found her forever home with me. She is a great pal and I'm sure she's honored to have a shop named after her. :)
Now to me. I love crafting of all kinds. In fact my craft room is just about to explode with ideas that are waiting to be attempted. But I really enjoy making the flower hair pins. I love the sunny months and the flowers that they bring. Here in Wisconsin though we have several long months of grey winter, which is when I first started wanting to make the flowers for my hair. They make me smile and remind me of the warm months when it's cold. Now I've been making enough of them that I can bring a little summer to your hair!
I do have some more ideas with flowers brewing and hope to have some made to list someday soon.
Happy day to you!

We’re now heading over to Milwaukee for a visit with DavisJewels.


 Amber and Silver Necklace

My name is Dianna Davis and I have been designing jewelry for over five years. I started making pieces for myself, then friends and family. Needing more creative to relax, I decided to push it a step further. Davis Jewelry Designs is the result of that pursuit.
I do not chase trends. I design classic pieces that are relevant in today's fashion. I like using unusual color combinations and playing with textures, using only high quality material. I get inspired by nature, so the base of most of my designs is semi-precious beads, accented by glass, silver, gold, or other materials. I rarely repeat a design, and if I do the handcrafted nature of the piece makes it unique, so each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation.
I just make jewelry I would love to wear. I hope you like it too.
All jewelry pieces will be beautifully packaged and shipped in eco-friendly materials.

Next stop is Dazzled Beader Designs in Janesville, WI.

il_430xN.68320989 Love for Mom Necklace - Silver, Copper and Gold plated


My friends got me interested in making jewelry a long time ago when they formed a group named Bead Dazzlers. As a tribute to these friends, I named my Etsy shop, Dazzled Beader Designs, since they dazzled me into beading.
I take a lot of pride in my work and am excited to offer my Etsy customers great jewelry at a reasonable price.
Your satisfaction is very important to me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.
10% of all profits go to the humane society to support our furry friends in need. Visit their web site at:

Taking a detour back to the Madison area we’ll visit dimes & wednesday in Mount Horeb. 

il_430xN.96690195 Notebook Graffiti Shirt –S


Many years ago my mind created dimes & wednesday, not so many years ago my hands did. The time between the mental and the physical manifestation was spent learning, researching and honing my skills.
With a degree in apparel, a job in the apparel industry and my insatiable love for patternmaking, fabric shopping and sewing I finally decided it was time…
dimes & wednesday is one of a kind and small run apparel for the young and young at heart. High quality and professionally sewn garments and accessories will last a long time; that is the meaning behind the ‘no loose threads’ tagline.

One last stop on this busy Monday and that will be at Dinkin Flicka in Ellsworth, WI.

il_430xN.90092807 Classy Vintage Summer Dress - SIZE MEDIUM


We are two college students. Lydia is a fashion major, and Heather is a design major, and we hope to combine our knowledge in this new project. We make our screen prints together by hand. We want to bring our ideas to Etsy because we have fun making and wearing our clothing, so we think you may too! We will be adding stuff all the time, so keep checking in!
Thanks for stopping by!

See everyone next Monday!

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