Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Member Feature: Luv2Dzin

Elaine loves to design! That explains the name of her Etsy store front, Luv2Dzin. Elaine has training as an interior designer, and says that when worked at an architectural firm one of the product reps had a jewelry class and she was hooked. She has enjoyed making jewelry ever since and has even taught a few classes. "I love to share my passions and knowledge with others," she says, and continues "Also, I don’t think there is anything better than when someone compliments something you are wearing and you get to say 'Why, thank you very much, I made it.'"
Pictured to the right is one of Elaine's studios. She says, "The other one is upstairs in my loft where the big screen is. Unfortunately, that picture would not be that great due to the big, ugly treadmill that’s in there behind the sofa."

Elaine's recent focus and current addiction is yarn. "I finally had to move my yarn stash from a large bag to a chest." she explains. "I picked up crocheting again and recently learned how to knit. I didn’t think I would ever graduate from knitting scarves, but I have, and it’s been fun exploring and making new things. I think it would be very optimistic to say I have mastered “knitting-in-the-round” but I have a pretty good handle on it. I have even ventured into amigurumi and have found it to be quite fun." I had to look up amigurumi. I found that it is the Japanese art of crocheting small animals or toys.

Elaine, who likes to be called Lainie by her friends and family, says she enjoys the sense of accomplishment when combining raw materials and creativity to end up with something aesthetically pleasing. She likes that you can make it what you want by the pattern you choose or by choosing to try a new technique or stitch. She hopes that creations will be something to enjoy and treasure for many years. Another attraction is the challenging or therapeutic and meditative value of knitting and crocheting.

Her biggest challenge? "Showing restraint when I go into a yarn store.

There are so many amazing yarns out there and I want to buy them all!"

The photo to the left is a new creations - a beautiful spring and summer weight scarf.

Elaine has always been a very visual person and finds that she is inspired by her environment. I think that’s what led me to a career in Interior Design," she further explains. "One of my favorite things to do is to play with color and texture to create something that is aesthetically pleasing."

Apart from creating, Elaine is passionate about people. In her career as an Interior Designer, she loves to create environments for people that improve and enhance the quality of their life. She loves working with clients to achieve that common goal. As a crafter, she love to create items that bring a little bit of joy to a person’s life.
Also, she and her husband love to entertain. Elaine calls her husband " a fantastic cook" and says " and there is no greater joy than to have a houseful of people to break bread and visit with.

One thing that Elaine has always wanted to try but hasn't yet snorkeling. "I will probably never be brave enough to go deep sea diving, but the world that is under water is so beautiful and fascinating to me."

The photo to the right is a current project. "I am still deciding whether or not to felt it," explains Elaine.

When asked what she couldn't live without, she says, "That’s an easy one. My laptop. My whole life is on there!" Many of our readers will undoubtedly be able to identify with that!

Other favorites include most of the music from the 80s and authors include Michael Connelly, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, and Kathy Reichs. Elaine says she likes to read anything having to do with solving crime and forensic science. A movie she likes is The Wedding Singer. "Not very deep, I know," she explains "but it makes me laugh out loud." Her favorite movie is The Blind Side. "I am a huge football fan and I love the fact that the movie was based on a real life story. I found it to be very inspiring."

On the web, Elaine finds herself visiting http://www.planetjune.com/blog/. June is a fellow Etsian who is extremely talented and generously shares her knowledge and helpful tips. "I just recently started doing amigurumi and I have found her blog to be invaluable," comments Elaine. " Also, my new yarn addiction has led me to YouTube many times in the past months. The tutorials for knitting and crocheting techniques (i.e. knitting in the round) have been extremely helpful."
Now for the good stuff. Luvs2Dzin is offering 15% off everything in her shop for the month of May AND will be giving away this pair of lovely blue dangle earrings (pictured above) to one lucky reader. To enter, visit Luv2Dzin, then come back to this blog to let Lainie know which of her items you consider a favorite. A random drawing will choose the winner next Tuesday, to announced next Wednesday, May 26. Make sure to leave contact information so you can be notified if you are the winner.

Here are the addresses you can use to hook up with Luv2Dzin:

A wear-with-anything bracelet with its multitudes of colors.


Heather said...

I have two favorites, this scarf
and the multistrand faux turquoise necklace!

Heather said...

Oops! Didn't leave contact info - you can reach me through my etsy shop www.hrbeadesign.etsy.com (just convo me) or via email hrbeadesign@gmail.com.

CAH said...

First of all, I can't believe that fabulous and neat studio shot. Great to learn more about one of our very own. The jewelry is "to die for!"

CAH said...

My favorite item is the Dove Grey, Double Strand Pearl Necklace. I like the mix of pearls with wire and that it is double strand.

Anonymous said...

My favorite item on you site is the wavy scarf on the third page. I also really like the way your site looks at a whole. It is very neat and crisp with a modern twist. Nice work, all of it.
My contact info egnacious1@aol.com

Mindielee said...

I love this scarf:
Your whole shop is lovely!

You can reach me through my etsy shop: www.mindielee.etsy.com

Darlene of Gamiami said...

I love your creations! I also enjoy including your items in the Moo Team Merch Themes blog post on this blog. You take such wonderful photographs. I'm a fan of necklaces and think all of yours are beautiful. I don't wear earrings, so I don't need to be considered for the giveaway. But I wanted to comment anyways and tell you I think your work is great.

Eric said...

Elaine - glad to see you're doing so well in your new venture! Contrats! As a guy, I don't need too much jewelry (well...none, really), but Debbie might like the earrings! Personally, I like a lot of the things you've created, but am partial to the bright blue: Cobalt Blue Glass Bead, Single Strand Bracelet. And, I think the giveaway earrings are very, very cool. Keep up the good work!!!

Bead Lola Bead said...

Your "Luv2Dzin" name becomes more fitting with each item you add to your shop! Although I love all of your jewelry and crocheted creations, I find myself quite smitten with the scrubbies and their container! Too cute!

Tess said...

What a wonderful blog on you and your shop!! It's great to see your beautiful items being featured for others to enjoy! WTG and hope this brings on new customers for you..