Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: Color Trends

The ‘color trends’ theme always turns into a beautiful collection of creations from the Wisconsin Etsy Team. The color schemes we will explore today are: combinations of navy and yellow, light pink and grey, and light green with beige; lavenders, violets, and bright shades of purple; and cooled down versions of aqua and light blues.


{ring from WhimsyHouse} {shirt from thefancytail} {buttons from thefancytail} {earrings from amyspishposh} Slide2

{card from manvsgeorge} {card from swallownest} {brooch from WhimsyHouse}


{necklace from WhimsyHouse} {necklace from jennyhoople} {earrings from PointyKitty} Slide4

{bookmark from gamiami} {purse from blbeans} {bookmark from gamiami} {bookmark from gamiami} Slide5

{necklace from jennyhoople} {bracelet from jennyhoople} {coasters from anndsart} Slide6

{earrings from jennyhoople} {necklace from HRBeaDesign} {necklace from jennyhoople} {necklace from Luv2Dzin}

blog may 16 color

{card from manvsgeorge} {bracelet from Luv2Dzin} {earrings from amyspishposh} {bracelet from Luv2Dzin} Slide8

{invitation from manvsgeorge} {necklace from nineteenthirteen} {table from anndsart} {rings from WhimsyHouse} Slide9

{scarf from Luv2Dzin} {card from manvsgeorge} {tray from anndsart} Slide10

{pillow from telaine} {scarf from Luv2Dzin} {bracelet from HRBeaDesign} Slide11

{earrings from amyspishposh} {purse from blbeans} {nook sleeve from gamiami} Slide12

{necklace from HRBeaDesign} {pillow from telaine} {earrings from amyspishposh} {earrings from HRBeaDesign} {earrings from PointyKitty}


MANvsGEORGE said...

What a lovely collection of colors! Thanks for including my greeting cards!

ann said...

I agree! Thanks for including my coasters & table.

CAH said...

Thank you for featuring my card Rose Eats a Rose. I appreciate the added attention.