Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: Graduation and Teacher Gifts

Congratulations Class of 2010!  And congratulations and thank you to all the teachers that have helped students along the way, from kindergarten to college!  Today, let’s explore Wisconsin Etsy stores for gift ideas for graduates and teachers.  Get your graduate a card, a personalized pendant, a fancy container, a sleeve for a NOOK e-reader.  A couple of great gift ideas for teachers would be some LEGO earrings or some spa goodies.


{card from manvsgeorge} Slide2

{invitations from manvsgeorge} {card from swallownest} Slide3

{initial pendant from PointyKitty} {initial pendant from HRBeaDesign} {custom pendant from PointyKitty} {zodiac pendant from PointyKitty}Slide4

{inspire pendant from AThousandDreams} {custom pendant from AThousandDreams} {name necklace from HRBeaDesign} {initial charm necklace from HRBeaDesign}Slide5

{bowl from  Luv2Dzin} {bowl from Luv2Dzin} {nook sleeve from gamiami} {nook sleeve from {nook sleeve from gamiami}Slide6

{LEGO brick earrings from PointyKitty} {LEGO round earrings from PointyKitty} {LEGO plate earrings  from PointyKitty} {LEGO plate earrings from PointyKitty}Slide7

{soap from soapworx} {scrubbies from Luv2Dzin} {soap from soapworx} {scrubbies from Luv2Dzin}

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Thanks for sharing the wonderful Graduation and Teacher gifts. It was nice going through your blog. Keep on posting.