Monday, May 24, 2010

Show and Tell Monday – Let’s Meet some More H’s!

We visited the H’s on the team back in August of 2009 but now we have a few new ones that we don’t want to skip over…

Today’s journey will start in Delavan, WI with HappyLopezCreations.

il_430xN.127670534 Reversible Nursing Poncho

From her Profile:

Hi there,
My name is Christine...but WHO am I? Well I'm alot of things, I'm a mother of four kids, a wife to a GREAT husband, a stay-at-home mom, a fan of all kinds of crafts, a taxi driver, maid, school volunteer, friend, daughter...oh yeah, soon to be grandma!
My daughter will be having a baby in April, this was my inspiration for my baby products. I started out shopping for items I wanted to get her and then was disappointed in the quality out there. So I figured I could make them better and the way I wanted them. I had forgotten how much I loved sewing! Since I couldn't stop and one baby only needs so much I opened up my own on-line shop here on etsy. I will be working hard to add to my items here...since I can't stop!

Our next stop will be in Waunakee, WI at HRBeaDesign

il_430xN.146164675Mushroom Flowers – Glass Pendant Tile Necklace 

From her Profile:

I make my jewelry from a variety of materials - from precious metals such as fine and sterling silver to copper and brass, from semi-precious stones and gems to Swarovski crystals to glass beads. With such a big variety, there is a large variety of prices, meaning there is something for everyone!
Techniques I use include kumihimo, fusing, forging, linking, and more.
About Kumihimo: Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese technique which involves braiding strands of silk together to form a strong cord. The word kumihimo combines the word kumu meaning "to gather" with the word himo meaning "string" - i.e., to gather string together. These cords are used to decorate obi (sashes on kimono) as well as samurai attire. I use eight strands of beads and braid them using a disk made specifically for that purpose.
About Working with Metal: I fuse fine silver wire using a butane torch. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver and very tarnish resistant. I design and construct earrings, necklaces and bracelets by fusing the wire into rings, forging the rings with a hammer or pliers to change their shape or texture, linking the shapes together, and tumbling them to make them strong and shiny. In addition to fine silver, I also work with argentium silver which also is much more tarnish resistant than sterling and more durable. I also cut and forge sheet metal, solder, and I am playing around with riveting.
About Glass Tile Pendants: I make the glass tile pendants with my daughter. They were her idea. Together we choose images and together we make the pendants! What that means is that a lot of love, a lot of laughs (and sometimes a few skirmishes) go into each pendant!
Half of each glass tile pendant sale will go to my daughter - half of that goes in her bank and half of that is her spending money. She's never had an allowance, so this makes her happy!
Thank you very much for stopping by!!!

Until next time…

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lainierupp said...

I love the variety in your shop. So many beautiful things! I also love the fact that you and your daughter work together on the glass pendants...that is AWESOME! How cool is that...she is an entrepreneur at her age :0)It sounds like you are making amazing memories for her.