Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moo Team Merch Themes: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 20.  No worries about what to get Dad.  Just browse these great items from Wisconsin Etsy sellers!  We have toiletry bags, cufflinks, items for the patriotic father, custom photo canvases and more.   And, of course, gift boxes and cards!


{toiletry bags from marymule} Slide2

{jar from AVintageChoice} {gift box from PerfectPaperShop} Slide3

{wall hanging from ApolloHillsCrafts} {scrapbook from PerfectPaperShop} Slide4

{necklace from jennyhoople} Slide5

{cufflinks from AVintageChoice} {tie tac from PointyKitty} {cufflinks from PointyKitty} {cufflink box from AVintageChoice} Slide6

{soap from SpringvaleSoap} {quilt from ApolloHillsCrafts} {quilt from ApolloHillsCrafts} {soap from SpringvaleSoap} Slide7

{custom canvases from Studiojones1} Slide8

{cards from manvsgeorge}

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Anonymous said...

Very nice gifts! I hope customers come by and bite.