Monday, June 7, 2010

Show and Tell Monday - Summer Craftacular - Applications Being Accepted!

Have you thought about selling at craft sales but aren’t sure where to apply first? I would strongly recommend the 6th Annual Summer Craftacular! I personally have been to three Craftacular’s (Holiday, Winter and Spring) and they have all been beyond my wildest expectations. Naomi, from the GlitterWorkshop is in charge of organizing these fantastic events and she does an amazing job. I’ve been to craft sales that few people show up to – it’s hard to sell if no one is there to shop…that is completely the opposite at these Craftacular events. In fact, at the Holiday Craftacular I didn’t have time to eat or go to the bathroom – now that is a well advertised sale!

The summer craftacular is going to take place on Sunday August 15 at the East Side club on Lake Monona. This is to be the largest Craftacular yet – there is room for SEVENTY vendors!

Even if you've never sold your work at a craft fair before, this is a great place to start - meet fellow artists and customers, be inspired, make money. And there's a Tiki Bar!

We are very excited about this new venue! Not only is the East Side Club a great, established location, but it also offers amazing views of Lake Monona, great parking, cash bars (we will be using the upstairs main bar as well as the outdoor Tiki Bar), and a helpful staff. The Tiki Bar will also offer some simple food options for purchase.

There will be two different size booths. Booth spaces are 8' x 5' for indoor booths and booths under the outdoor awning, enough to hold one 8’ x 3’ table which is provided at your request (or you may use your own fixtures) or 10' x 10' for the outside booths on the lawn. The 10' x 10' booths require that you bring your own pop up style tent and tents will not be allowed to be staked, although weighted down would be highly recommended.

Applications are still being accepted but the deadline is June 13th so get a move on!

Applications and Info Here:

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Dina said...

I've never heard of this before and had been wondering if Madison had any craft fairs I can be a part of. Does this go on every year?

Space Oddities said...

Dina - this is the 6th annual summer event! In the past the Craftaculars have been at the High Noon Saloon and the last couple of Holiday shows were at the Masonic Center downtown so that more vendors could participate. It's a fantastic, long running, well organized event.

Dina said...

That's great! I'll have to build up my inventory so I can be a part of it some year!