Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday's Featured Fabricator--This, That or Everything!

It's Friday again (well almost)! That means it's time for another Etsy Moo Crew Featured Fabricator! This week's artist it's actually three artists who banded together and call themselves "This That or Everything". Sarah, Rachel, and Brooke from Baraboo, Wisconsin, are the creators of...well...this, that and everything!

Sarah and Rachel roommates and have been friends since they were 5 (22 years!) Brooke has been their best friend for years as well. The second generation of this creative group were born just 7 weeks apart. "Josie and Tristan are 6 years old and graduating Kindergarten on Friday!"

This trio of creative friends has all of the duties worked out. Sarah handles all of the computer work and shipping, and does a bit of crocheting. Rachel does the remainder of the crochet work and takes all of the pictures that you will see in their Etsy shop. Brooke does all of the sewing (her products will be making an appearance in their shop in the next few weeks).

I asked Sarah to explain how the three friends named their shop. "We do so many different things that we didn't want a name that singled only one of us out. So we are a place where you can find this that or everything!" Creativity began early on. "Rachel has been taking pictures and crocheting since she was big enought to hold a hook and a camera! We started just doing things for friends or family. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to find a way to get paid for doing it as much as we could!"

The first creation from thisthatoreverything was a hat that Rachel made for Josie "cuz she loves horses so much". Rachel had just learned how to loop crochet and thought "This will be a perfect mane!" They received so many compliments on the hat, they decided to post it on Etsy to see if there were other people who would like to have one.
Happy Horse

Sarah says that little Josie is really the inspiration behind most of their items. "Like our new hair clips...Josie needed one to wear for Mother's Day, but we couldnt find one we liked that went with her new dress. So Rachel made the rose bud hair clip."

Pink Rose Bud Hair Clip

The three ladies behind this shop combine techniques, colors, textures, and other supplies in different ways that make truly unique products. Their items can also be found on Artfire at and on Meylah at They will have a booth at the Wo-Zha-Wa Art Fair in Wisconsin Dells, September 16-18.

Sarah, Rachel and Brooke want their customers to know that each of their items is "truly made with our hearts in them. Every time we get an order or make something new, its genuinely with the next person in mind. We really want everyone to enjoy our items as much as we do!" When they aren't creating, the friends spend time doing something together with the little ones. In addition, Sarah tells me she is a huge movie buff.

Sarah loves being an artist because it enables her "to create something that is exactly the thing you want and need and to be able to do the same for someone else." You can find their creations at

Flower PicturesFunky Flower HatWisconsin Dells PhotosDaffodil Hair ClipHat & Scarf SetHe Loves Me Not Pillow


Wendy said...

Good stuff! Love that rosebud hairclip...

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MANvsGEORGE said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and Rachel a few weeks ago at the Art at the Gardens craft fair at Boerner Botanical Gardens. Such fun ladies and such lovely offerings in their shop! It's great to learn more about your business here. Keep on creating... :-)

5 Letter Design said...

love the horse hat! too cute :)