Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Featured Fabricator --Primrose Tranquility!

It's Friday! Time for the next installment in the "Friday's Featured Fabricator" series of Moo Crew artists. This week, Katie of Primrose Tranquility.

Katie lives in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin with her husband, toddler daughter and two dogs (bit of craziness some days!). She creates etched glassware from images she draws. Most of the glassware she creates has pictures based on nature and/or wildlife.

The business name "Primrose Tranquility" with help from her husband. "We sat down one night and started tossing suggestions around when we realized that Primrose Tranquility would be perfect. We live in a more rural area and there are so many flowers, like primrose, around us and my in-laws live next to us and have many horses which we get to watch play and run. Living here has given me a chance to really enjoy all the trees, plants, and animals I'm lucky enough to have around me."

About three years ago, Katie took a class on re-purposing wine bottles into tumblers with a good friend. The last part of the class was being able to etch an image onto the tumblers. "I have to say that cutting the wine bottles and making them into tumblers was awesome, but I really became interested in etching. After the class, I got some more solution and started playing around with etching different images and decided that I would just keep doing it and see where it took me!"

Primrose Tranquility's first etched glass creation came out of necessity, in a way. "Two of our good friends were getting married on a destination wedding in Las Vegas. They were married in a beautiful chapel at one of the hotels, so for their wedding gift, I etched the image of the chapel along with their wedding date on two champagne glasses. They loved them and so I kept practicing with different pictures to see what I could make. A little bit after that I decided to start my shop on Etsy, which has been an awesome decision!"

Katie creates images and scenes on glassware, which makes her items stand out in the crowd. "I love creating scenery and situations that people can look at and let their imaginations go. I think that as long as you love what you're doing, your work will shine."

This is an artist who truly enjoys her work! "I love being able to make glassware people can either give as gifts or keep for themselves. I draw pictures that mean a lot to me. I love it when I am lucky enough to get feedback from customers about what the glasses are for. I kind of feel that each set I make is a custom order for someone." (Editor's note: I have personally experienced Katie's high level of customer service. I ordered two of her butterfly-etched wine glasses for a friend's wedding anniversary. Katie could not have been more helpful when I requested a personalized card be included with the order, and explained the story behind why I had chosen this gift.)

When she isn't creating these beautiful etched glasses, Katie is more than likely chasing after a toddler...or one (or both) of her dogs...or getting lucky enough to steal a 15 minute nap!

The family will be adding gardening to their list of talents this summer in addition to the etching business. "I might be insane after weeding and taking care of a huge garden this summer! I'm getting together with my sister in law and my mother and father in law and we're planting a garden with enough food to feed all of us. I'm getting a little afraid thinking about the near future of blazing hot days and tons of weeds!"

Katie thinks the best part of being an artist is being creative, and to know that she can make someone smile every time they pick up or look at their specially made, etched glassware.

You can find Primrose Tranquility on Etsy:

Many thanks to Katie for taking the time to answer these questions!


Wendy said...

Just gorgeous, Katie! GOod luck with your shop...

5 Letter Design said...

lovely work!