Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friday's Featured Fabricator--The Soap Garden!

This week's featured Moo Crew artist is Denise of The Soap Garden. You can find her Etsy shop here:
Denise lives in the beautiful town of Mayville, Wisconsin with her best friend, her husband of 38 years, and a little English cocker named Jake. "We live in a 130 year old cream city brick farmhouse that has been our labor of love for the past 30 years. Besides restoring the house, we are also avid gardeners. We have two wonderful and talented sons, one in college and one married and living in Green Bay."
Denise is an avid gardener, and from her love of gardening came the name of her business. "My soaps come in many colors, scents, and shapes just like flowers in a garden." Among her other loves is...soap! "I have always had a love for soap. I sought them out when we would travel. To me it was always an affordable luxury, something pretty that smells so good. In the back of my mind, I had wanted to make some of my own, so I took it on as a Christmas present gift idea. Everyone who received soap that year from me that year wanted more and that’s when I decided to start the business. That was 10 years ago."

The first batches of soap started with the simplest of materials...some different sizes of PVC pipe, a small amount of melt and pour base, food coloring from baking supplies, and a bottle of lavender fragrance oil. "When I think back on the first soaps I made, I cringe!"

Although the materials Denise uses in her soap making don't differ much from those that other soap makers use, the way she manipulates the soap and the different ideas she comes up with do. "I have a line that I call my Designer Soaps, in which I have tried to create a picture in the soap. It takes quite a bit of time to do this but I find it challenging. I enjoy that. It’s also something no one else has."

Denise wants her customers to know that she makes a quality product. "I truly appreciate my customers and always try to go the extra mile for them. If there is something special that they would like, I always try my best to accommodate their request. I answer private messages quickly and ship my products fast."
Away from the soap vats, you can find Denise in her garden, or enjoying another of her loves, birding. "I am an avid bird watcher and belong to several bird watching groups."

Every artist has a reason to keep creating, and Denise is no different. "The best part of being an artist comes from the feedback I receive. I work so hard at everything I do and when someone else can see what I see, it’s very rewarding." One look at these beautiful soaps, and you will know that Denise puts her heart and soul into them. They are true works of art!

The Soap Garden has a broad web presence. Denise's products can be found:

Thanks to Denise for helping us stay clean in style!


Mary said...

Love the starry night soap! I'd never want to wash with it!

MANvsGEORGE said...

Great to meet you, Denise!

Anonymous said...

What great work you do! I ordered from her a few weeks ago and was so impressed on how beautiful everything looked and how fast it was shipped.

Soapgarden said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Special thanks to Mary for your time and talent!