Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Featured Fabricator--Byrdhollow Boutique!

Abigail of Byrdhollow jewelry is this week's Moo Crew featured artist. I asked her to tell readers a little bit about herself. "I am blessed with an amazingly loving and supportive husband, as well as a 10 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. (and we just found out that we have one on the way!!!)" (Editorial note: CONGRATULATIONS!) "I live in South West Wisconsin. I am creative by nature and love to experiment with all types of outlets. My Etsy shop is currently dedicated to my Handmade Jewelry."

The name of her business has an interesting story: "My husband and I have known each other for 12 years now. When we first began dating those twelve years ago, he gave me the nickname of Bird. Why I'm not sure. He said my eyes remind him of a bird's. Living in a rural setting, It felt natural to refer to our home as "our little hollow in the woods". With my nickname of Bird, my husband having affinity for eagles and my daughters name meaning baby could say it was an organic name that really makes me think of my little hollow of birds!"

Byrdhollow is dedicated to Abigail's jewelry, but she never set out to sell jewelry. She had always created jewelry for herself, friends and family. "It was only about three years ago, that I decided to start selling my jewelry locally. I enjoy the art of jewelry making and love how it is a positive way to express your own personal style."

One of the first items she can remember creating was for a friend who was graduating from College. "I had spent a lot of time getting to know her, and wanted to give her something more special than a card with money in it. I came up with the design for her necklace almost immediately. I was so proud of it, mainly because it just "looked" like her. It fit her personality and I was proud that I was able to make something that she would wear and cherish. If only I had taken a picture before giving it to her..."

Abigail's favorite jewelry making materials are sterling silver, antiqued copper, turquoise and all gemstones. "I would like to think that it's the simple elegance I try to create in each peice that makes my jewelry stand out. I tend to create designs that I myself would enjoy wearing, or that I could picture on my family and friends." She makes each piece with extreme care and lots of love, and sometimes has a hard time letting go of the pieces she has made because each piece is an extension of herself.

When she isn't creating Jewelry, Abigail most enjoys spending time with her family. "They are the most important part of my life. We love heading out into the great outdoors, enjoying fishing, hiking, camping, biking and so much more. I have always loved photography and the beautiful memories created with each picture I take. My husband and I also love to cook together and are always creating in the kitchen! I also enjoy sewing, knitting and crocheting when I can find time for it!"

In the spare time she has left, Abigail and her husband write for three blogs; "Back Road Drifters", "The Catching Chronicles by Trout MaGee" and "Trout Magee's Photo Blog". Check them out for a more laid back loook on life! You'll find lots of picturesque landscape and some unique shots of Trout! Here are links to each of the blogs:

Abigail says the best part of being an artist is the artist's mentality. "I love the freedom that art gives you. I love how you can create something amazing out of virtually nothing. I love how art truly is in the eye of the beholder, and how art speaks differently to each and every one of us. Inspiration truly is everywhere, if you only take the time to look for it!!!" Wise words indeed!

Byrdhollow Jewelry is sold locally and on Etsy at . Abigail's husband is also on Etsy! Find his photography and hand tied fishing flies at ...and watch for a future feature on this beautiful shop!

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