Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Featured Fabricator -- Cards 4 U By Louise!

This week's featured Moo Crew artist is quite a card...card maker, that is! Louise Gatti has lived and worked in Appleton Wisconsin for 24 years. "Before that we lived on a little mini farm of 20 acres in Ladysmith for 9 years plus 2 years in town. I guess you would say, I've lived in Wisconsin longer then I"ve lived in my previous state, Illinois. My husband and I grew up in the Chicago area, he on the south and north sides and me in the suburbs. We lived normal lives (whatever that is) growing up. Funny how our lives (can) cross at different intersections of life and we never know it. One day his aunt, whom I worked with, thought it would be fun for us to get together, we met, dated, and got married. It's been a whirl-wind marrige with many things happening to help us grow in many ways. But then is that not what life is about, to grow and learn and expand your horizons into places you never thought you could go??"

Louise's interest in the arts has covered the spectrum. "As a child, I loved to color....of course, never staying within the lines AND using every color in the box. My 4th grade teacher saw my talent in art and encouraged me. From then on it was all about ART and making things, drawing, painting, creating etc. I majored in art in high school, wanted to go on to art school but never had the chance or money. My hopes were also diminished by discouraging words like, I would never make it and would probably starve before making it as an artist. So off I went into a different direction, Hair Design. Even then, the same discouraging words would come, but I continued in that direction showing them they did not know what they were talking about. In my years as a hairdresser, cutting, coloring and styling of hair brought out my talent in the arts and I really loved doing it. In the midst of all that I still dabbled in art, making things, knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting and drawing and whatever else passed me by, I tried."

Louise chose the name for her card business at a time when she also had a little sewing business. "People were buying both my items so I needed to keep track of what sold and how much I was spending in both little businesses. So, hence the name 'Cards4ubylouise' came about."

I asked Louise how she got started making cards. "Hmmmm, good question. Two different friends got me started. They were making cards and encouraged me in it also. At first making cards did not interest me but then when I saw all the different techniques that can be used, I became addicted. Making cards has been an ongoing process of learning new things and putting my touch into it. Making a card is like little a (starting with a blank) canvas...they might look the same but each one different in its own way. I want people to know that all my creations are inspired by God. He gives me the ideas. I might start a card and not know what to do next and then I ask Him what should I do, and suddenly an idea comes then another and when the card is finished, I say "WOW" that is neat God, Thank you for the idea!!!"

Louise says she uses anything and everything in her craft, and loves using different techniques. She is always trying something new to put a different spin on her products. She wants her customers to know that "I gave my heart to Jesus at the age of 7 or 8. From then on I knew God had his hand on my life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and (His crucifixion) is so simple that even a child CAN understand that Jesus died for our sins on the cross so many years ago, that we are all sinners and need a Savior, and that one day, when we die our home for eternity will be with Him in heaven."

When Louise isn't creating she reads her Bible, works in her garden tending her flowers, takes care of my house, and cooks for her husband "Today's special is Slow-Cooker Eggplant and Tomato sauce with Pasta! I am on the computer alot, Facebook, Twitter and visiting different blogs. Netflix is my little diversion. Right now I am watching videos about the Monarchy, the British Royals, the Kings and Queens down through the ages....very interesting, really enjoying the history of England. Also like shopping at thrift stores and rummage sales......mmmmm just plain shopping."

Louise also loves the water. "I could pass the day away sitting by water. I love going boating and just rocking back and forth in the water with the seagulls and pelicans flying overhead and ducks floating by. I could gravitate towards that kind of life-syle very easily."

In Louise's view, the best part of being an artist is "Creation. God gives us all the gift of creation. Just as He created the heavens and earth, man and woman, and animals, He has given us all that same gift of creation. I just love the idea of knowing this, and that He understands me and knows my needs. He is a Master Artist and the neat part about that is, I get to learn from Him."

Etsy is the only place where Louise's cards are available via the internet. "You can also go to my blog...there I promote my Etsy shop plus show cards that I make, along with little tidbits of life." Louise's blog can be found at "I have sold a lot of cards to many friends, and have also had my cards in a little store for awhile." For those of you in the Appleton area, you may soon see her cards in a beauty shop near you!

Many thanks to Louise! Her Etsy shop can be found here:

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