Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday's Featured Fabricator--Sarah Badera Candles!

Well okay, it's Saturday...I'm a bit late this week, but here is this week's featured artist, sarahbadera candles!

By way of introduction, the proprietress of this Etsy shop tells me that, except for a brief hiatus in Florida, she has lived in the Milwaukee area her entire 35 years. She currently lives in Bay View with her boyfriend and Homer the cat, in a beautiful 1920’s bungalow. "If you’d ask people to name two things about me, their first answer would be that I’m allergic to everything (!!!) and the second would be that I’m super crafty and always in the middle of making something. I’ve never been without a craft corner or closet because being creative has always been so important to me. It’s amazing that now I have a room to be able to organize all my projects; and if I get frustrated I can just close the door!"

Sarah told me she has always loved candles. "My mom has continually encouraged my sister and I to be creative; so instead of “mom, I want this” it was “mom, how can I make this?” She made her first candle with paraffin from the grocery store, melted crayons and a milk carton. "It was quite the mess, but I was so proud of myself!"

Her first product came about through a request from the yoga studio she was attending. The owners wanted to put together a small gift area, "so they asked if I would make candles for them. Unfortunately that studio is no longer around, but it was definitely what got me started!" Sarah's Etsy shop name comes from her college nickname.

I asked what makes sarahbadera candles stand out in the crowd? "The candle market is as flooded as the jewelry market – so I knew I had to come up with something different for sure. My tea light mixes are what help me stand out a little bit. The mixes have eight tea lights, two each of four scents; and I’ve paired scents that really work well together. So even if there is a scent that isn’t what you expected, if you burn it with another one in the mix you should like it. It’s fun to know that I can sell a dozen of my Spring mixes, and each one will be a different and personal experience."

Sarah wants her customers to know that she puts 100% of herself into everything she creates. "I honestly do. And I’ve spent hours over little details to make it feel like you’re not just buying a box of candles, but getting a gift from me to you."

When Sarah isn't creating, she is gardening or hiking. "I LOVE being outdoors!" She also does yoga and pilates, and says "(they) have made me such a stronger and healthier person."

I asked Sarah what she thinks is the best part of being an artist. "The best part is that everyone can be an artist! I think being creative is as necessary as food and exercise. It gets you to work through problems, look at things in a different way and possibly learn something new about yourself!"
You can find Sarah's products at three stores as well as Etsy. "The Glitter Workshop in Madison – which everyone NEEDS to check out. Such a cute place, and tons of crafty classes! And also both of Essence Pilates studios in Illinios. They have the best staff and their sessions really get you into amazing shape."
Many thanks to Sarah of sarahbaderacandles,


Mimi said...

Will be checkin' out Sarah's candles. Nice work on the feature article - thanks for your efforts!

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Thank you for the write up - I love looking at all the great things that come out of this group! :)

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love the packaging!

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