Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Featured Fabricator--5 Letter Design!

This week's Moo Crew featured artist is Ellie of 5 Letter Design, who is also one of the leaders of Team WIST.

'5 Letter Design' has quite a list of "raisons d'etre" Ellie explains, "Naming your business can be quite the challenge - at least for me. I wanted a name that stood out, wasn't my own name, could be diverse and cover all realms of design, (was) personal to me, and a bit off the wall. That's when I came up with 5 Letter Design." Here's why the name stuck:

*Her favorite number is 5
*The letter 'E' is the fifth letter in the alphabet (E for Ellie!)
*Her first and middle names each have 5 letters
*Her nickname growing up had 5 letters
*She is athletic and her jersey numbers were typically the number 5

That covers the '5 Letter' part. As for the 'Design' part, Ellie is an interior designer/architect by trade. "I love all types of art and design. I am actually moving to Oregon in a few weeks to continue my education and planning on a Masters of Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon." If you check Ellie's blog and pinterest, you will see some of the different types of design she is interested in.

5 Letter Design opened on Etsy in 2010, but Ellie really dove into it this year. "My mom was diagnosed with leukemia, and during her hospital stay and many chemo visits, I started to design more. I took the summer off and had to fill my random times of boredom with something. I picked a genre of product I loved making (something feminine and bold) and a product I could easily take places in a small suitcase and work on (headbands, jewelry and supplies fit nicely in my vintage suitcases."

Ellie bought her wedding veil from a seller on Etsy. "I thought 'how cool is that?' I wanted to know more about this 'Etsy' place." That started it all for her business, from picking a name to what to create and sell.

When Ellis is working on her designs, she listens to underground hip-hop and rap. "I think it helps bridge the gap in the styles I enjoy. I love vintage and feminine designs, but I also like bold, bright, and out of the box thinking." Coffee is her inspiration - "I need one in hand when I don't have the motivation of inspiration to start a project!"

When Ellie isn't creating, she is trying new things and stepping out of her 'safe' zone. Ellie says, "Don't take your days for granted - enjoy everyday life and the little things. I believe there isn't a rule book for life...and eating ice dream for breakfast is allowed!"

Outside of Etsy, Ellie is a traveler and a mover. "In the past 3-4 years I have lived in Wisconsin, Montana, Connecticut, Germany, and now on to Oregon! My husband and I love experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. We haven't found the right place to settle and maybe never will. We like to classify ourselves as 'citizens of the world'. We like breaking the rule stating you have to find a place after you marry, settle down, have kids, and get a grown-up job. Life's too short (and the economy is too crazy right now) to pick just one place."

In Ellie's opinion, the best part of being an artist is that you're accepted for being different. "Sometimes in life, people may look or judge you for being a little off the wall or (for displaying) something culturally unacceptable. When you're an artist - I think it's in the job description to be different!"

Ellie has a long list of places where her work can be found:

Many thanks to Ellie of 5 Letter Design (and good luck on your move to Oregon!).


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