Tuesday, September 6, 2011

tuesday treasuries {sept.6}

today's treasury features were submitted by a ton of Mooo Crew Members:
argent1na, hideandhairKhamsaoYang, harmonieandme, BlissWorksStudio, and SilverBeachSeaGlass
show some love and pop over to your favorites and leave a comment :)
{PS - this is my last feature for the team since i am leaving the state - i will be posting a thread to see if anyone would want to volunteer to take this over and a few pointers! stay tuned}

Moo Crew Challenge Winner - Sapphire
{great finds for $30 and below!}

Additional Challenge Contestants - Sapphire 

All Moo Crew Members Featured:

Top 2 Rows - Moo Crew Members Featured:

remember to post treasuries you created on the discussion thread on our team's etsy page. there will be a 'call for tuesday treasuries' post that i will create for each week. just paste a link to your treasury and let me know what category it is under. contact me with any questions about tuesday treasuries.


5 Letter Design said...

wonderful finds everyone!

Judi said...

I love Blue! What wonderful treasuries to see this early in the morning! Woke me up.
Great Job on putting them together!